And the bonus at the end of the year?

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Offering benefits to employees is a policy common to many companies and one of the things you can offer is the Year-End Bonus. I know there are still a lot of 9 months left by the end of the year, but if you want to offer this benefit to your employees, you need to set a few things first.

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Criteria for receiving the bonus.

Criteria - LUZ Entrepreneurial Generation

You can use countless criteria to determine who will or will not receive the bonus at the end of the year. I suggest using three:

1. The company surpasses the billing goal of the year.

2. The employee exceeds the individual goals.

3. If you have groups within the company, such as team of salespeople, customer service team, production team, you can use as a criterion for distributing the bonus to exceed the goals by the teams.

Bonus distribution criteria.

Post defining when the bonus will be distributed, it is time to define how much each will receive. Large companies use software, specific worksheets to define from countless criteria, who and how much each one will receive. But you can simplify the process. As?

1. Establish 3 goals for each team member.

2. Set the weight of each goal in the bonus distribution.

3. Define how much of the company's profit will be distributed to staff.

Spreadsheet LUZ Entrepreneurial Generation

I hope your company has a lot of profit to be divided into your team!

Does your company offer bonuses at the end of the year? How is the calculation done? Share your knowledge here!

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  1. Good Night!!

    Ameiiii find a spreadsheet like this !!! Very cool, Congratulations !!

    Would you like to know if there are any explanation posts of the formulas used? Excuse me ignorance, but it's because I did not understand some elements of it.

    Eg Bonus for 1 goal, use of 2 factor indicates what?


    Thank you very much!

  2. Good afternoon!
    Great spreadsheet! I will use to deploy Bonuses in my company. Congratulations!

  3. Hello Antonio,

    Thanks for the warning, I have already made the correction and the updated worksheet is now available for download.

    I hope the solution presented will help reduce confusion.


  4. Excellent post Luciana,
    This gives a mess here.

    Only one observation in the worksheet has an item called the average home time when in fact the function is a sum rather than an average.



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