Home Management in Practice Home office: 5 tips for setting up your Home Office

Home office: 5 tips for setting up your Home Office

home Office
home Office

Because of the pandemic the whole world had to adapt and stay at home, working in the home office. As a result, working remotely and having a home office is now the best option.

Many are using the kitchen table, the sofa or even the bed as their workplace. As we are not expected to return to the offices, we need to make the home office a more comfortable environment for carrying out activities.

Working from home has its advantages such as flexibility of the day's schedule, saving travel time and even money. For everything to flow in the best possible way, some adjustments are necessary, so today we will show you how to set up your home office in an efficient and comfortable way.

Maintain a dedicated office space

The ideal would be that we had a computer for work and another for personal use, however, this possibility is not always realistic. An alternative is to have some peripherals just for use during working hours.

For example, when working, the notebook should be on a table or desk and with great care to avoid spilling coffee, or spill water on the notebook keyboard.

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When the hours are over, it can be used to watch your favorite movies and series in your living room.

Communication and accessory for possible meetings

As the majority of co-workers are also in office at home, the option to hold meetings is by videoconferences and teleconferences. A tip is to use a headset, as they assist both in listening and speaking.

Also make sure that your audio and video are working correctly, and always communicate at the beginning with "Good morning or Good afternoon" and ending, for example, with a simple "Thank you, good job!", So everyone involved they will know that you are there.

Use apps for communication

Unfortunately working from home often makes it impossible to use the phone, but nowadays we have many platforms that help us with these needs, such as Whatsapp and even communication tools and free calls such as Skype. Therefore, your suppliers and customers will not be at hand.

Include natural light and adequate lighting in your home office

Having an environment with high lighting can improve productivity, so when setting up your home office, the ideal is to optimize light levels and also take advantage of natural light. The lack of adequate lighting can cause eyestrain and drowsiness, which will directly affect productivity.

A tip is to mix warm colors, as they are soothing, and cold colors, which stimulate productivity. It is also indicated to use a LED light that allows you to change the color temperature settings by providing a suitable light for the your home office.

Keep your home office “ready” every day

Having your office “ready” means that you will have the equipment, lighting and accessories organized every day to start the work day. Some ways that can help keep you “ready” are:

  • At the end of each shift, create activity lists for the next day. That way, you'll know what needs to be done as soon as you start work.
  • Keep your home office clean and organized, so you'll use your time and minimize distractions.
  • Have all the necessary objects at your fingertips, so that you will be able to keep your focus on work more easily.
  • Start the notebook after waking up, so it will not be necessary to wait for the startup process, optimizing your time.

Now that you know how to set up your home office, here at Blog LUZ we have a post about Home Office! Good or bad when it comes to food? Aenjoy this and the tips we mentioned today and have your best home office experience.

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