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Fleet Control
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What is it: Um fleet control is the registry of all the automobiles of a company, controlling its logistics activities, its users and to which functions they are destined to attend.

Why do: Managing the fleet of vehicles in a company is essential. And this management, as many already know, is related to leased or purchased vehicles, where they are used by government agencies or companies. The doubt that many have is: how it came about fleet control in these companies? It's simple, companies had a real need for several vehicles to deliver, transport equipment and travel to talk to their customers.

In addition, the management had the objective of managing transport in reduce costs, waste and increase profits. Having control over fleet management in your company is possible. You just need to know how to do this procedure. So we created 5 tips to improve the fleet control in your company. Check out:

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1. Fleet Control and Expenditure Forecasting

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Any company dreams of balancing future spending within it. The number of wastes within a company is large, where several sectors are targets of that problem. In the fleet management of vehicles, the case is no different. And for this to be solved, many companies seek only one solution: control and forecasting of expenses. By controlling the maintenance of the vehicles, the entrepreneurs are able to evaluate the past expenses and can even make forecasts of future expenses.

2. Fleet Control by Location

In large and small companies deviation is common to be found. In this way, the customer is dissatisfied with the store and decides to make his complaint with all reason. With this problem in sight, companies are forced to find an emergency exit. In the hunt for this exit, some of them find a door: the control by location. Fleet control allows you to control the location of the tire by vehicle, helping to avoid problems and especially waste.

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3. Automatic monitoring of deadlines

There is a large list of companies that pay fines for late documentation. Having control over this system is not a mystery, because automatic deadline monitoring allows the business owner to be aware of document renewal dates, where such corporations will avoid missing deadlines. With automatic monitoring, the entrepreneur can bid farewell to the fines.

4. Fleet availability management

Efficient fleet control is one that controls vehicle availability and also has access to each person's delivery schedule. It is not very common for companies to present this tool, not for lack of investment, but for lack of information. If you are looking for efficient fleet management, try to have availability control of your fleet.

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5. Cost control per trip

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The internet presents hundreds of tips for you to have control of your fleet in your company. And on these sites can not be left out of control of cost per trip. There are companies that do not have control over this tool, where it ends up presenting more loss than profit. This tool is essential as companies can control fixed and variable costs by vehicle and route. If your business losses are coming from this industry, try using cost-per-trip control.

Did you see how useful it is to keep a record of the state of automobiles? LUZ.vc has launched the new Fleet Control Worksheet with the exclusive function of improving the company's vehicle control! Get this tool already and get organized!

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