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At the end of the day, conducting good financial management can be the big difference between success or bankruptcy of your company. Therefore, understanding your cash flow is essential.

Here at LUZ, we've been working on this topic since we started, and after creating some courses, lectures, spreadsheets and posts on the subject, we decided to create a complete and objective ebook with 5 essential steps for those who want to have total control over their finance. With the Quick Cash Flow Guide you will have an x-ray of your company's economic situation and, better than that, you will know exactly what to do to keep your company with positive cash flow at all times.

Learn How To Manage Your Finances With Our Free Ebook:

(Learn and learn the 5 essential steps to control your financial, just click on the image and download.

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See the step by step you will find in the Quick Cash Flow Guide:

  • 1 Step - Creating and Using Your Chart of Accounts

We will show you exactly what a chart of accounts is for, what its main applications are, practical examples and also a guide to the number of levels you can use.

  • Step 2 - Statement of Cash Flow vs. Statement of Income for the Year

Understand the importance of viewing your financial statements by the cash and accrual regime. Know exactly what each thing is and what is the purpose of the joint analysis of these 2 statements.

  • 3 Step - Payments and Receipts

Here's how to create a statement of accounts payable and another one of accounts receivable. In addition, we will also show you how to visualize your cash requirements and features such as default control via accounts receivable statement.

  • 4 Step - Essential Indicators

Take control of the 5 key indicators we've selected and find out how to get a quick view of your numbers without having to look at your entire cash flow table. We will see indicators such as contribution margin, profitability index and EBITDA.

  • 5 Step - How to Analyze with Graphs

Learn how to do 5 minutes weekly to always have insight into how your financial is. This is entirely possible with well organized charts and ready for this type of analysis.

Download the Ebook right now:

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