Generation Y: how to hire and relate to the professionals of the millennium?

Generation Y: how to hire and deal with these professionals?
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According to Ibmec in recent research, almost 70% of companies do not have enough preparation to absorb the so-called Generation Y. After all, who are they and what challenges do they pose to an organization? What are the benefits of hiring them?

Generation Y or Millennials is composed of young professionals who were born from the end of the 80 decade. Let's learn a bit more about this generation that has grown along with technology in a globalized world with unlimited access to all kinds of information and innovative products. What is the best way to recruit, select, relate and keep this generation in your company? Check out!

What is the professional profile of Generation Y?

Os Millennials, as the term already indicates, encompass the professionals who were born close to the turn of the millennium, in a time of great technological advance. Because they have developed in the midst of a great bombardment of information brought by the electronic media, they are very curious professionals, anxious and moved by great challenges.

These professionals prefer a work environment with horizontal relationships, without systems of hierarchies that create barriers to personal growth and freedom of communication. Generation y need to feel with an important member within an organization regardless of the position or function they occupy.

What methods of attraction to use?

Strengthening your employer brand so as to promote your organization as a good place to work and develop a career is a good way to attract this generation. According to research Portraying Generation Y, held in Australia and New Zealand, 90% of these professionals have as decisive factor the reputation of the company in which they are going to work.

Generation Y values ​​a organizational culture ethical and sustainable, as well as a management system focused on human development and the quality of life of its members. They are always connected, so it is important to invest in recruitment processes online, as well as publicize their positions in universities and social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Invest in your organization's online presence through a good blog that conveys relevant and attractive information to young people and also in social networks, promoting your organization as a good place to develop a successful career.

How to relate to the Millennials?

Anxiety is an intrinsic characteristic of these professionals, so it is of fundamental importance to always be open to guide them as to their professional desires, helping them to understand the right moment to take a career step forward.

The work environment should promote the possibility of reconciling work commitments with employees' quality of life. Generation Y wants to feel at home at work. So they feel more engaged and motivated to contribute to the growth of the organization, since they are an important part of it.

It is imperative to give these professionals the opportunity to realize their full potential. Even though they are young, they are very knowledgeable and motivated when they can share them. Training and development can be a two-way learning opportunity where they will learn the company's processes and culture and will also show their knowledge and ideas to their managers.

A work environment based on dialogue, with quality of life and good personal relations will certainly guarantee the employees stay longer in the organization, reducing turnover and promoting organizational growth as a whole.

Now that you have learned a little more about Generation Y, you can also help other fellow professionals improve their knowledge. To do so, share this content on your social networks.

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