How to Calculate Unhealthy Additional

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What is Unhealthy Additional?

O hazard pay is a financial compensation given to workers who are exposed to some type of harmful agent during the exercise of their duties. That right of worker is provided for in Regulation 15 (NR-15) of the Ministry of Labor and Employment.

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Although the NR-15 defines 3 degrees of unhealthiness (minimum, medium and maximum), the tolerated limits of these harmful agents are a problem, since the characterization of these activities is not exactly clear in NR15. Because of this, in most cases the worker's right is dependent on a positive judicial decision.

How to Calculate Unhealthy Additional

Who is entitled to the Unhealthy Additional

Basically, all workers who are exposed to harmful agents above the tolerance limits provided in NR-15. The additional unhealthiness is another of the types of labor calculation and to get the right (if it is not already guaranteed) it is necessary to request a technical expertise from HR or the union of the category. See all items can be considered as unhealthy and that are covered in the Standard:

  • Continuous or Intermittent Noise
  • Impact Noise
  • Heat Exposure
  • Ionizing Radiation
  • Mineral dust
  • Working under Hyperbaric Conditions
  • Chemical Agents
  • Biological Agents
  • Non-Ionizing Radiation
  • Vibrations
  • Cold
  • Moisture

Most of these items need proof by means of site inspection report.

It is very important to emphasize that if the conditions harmful to health are eliminated or reduced this can cause the additional of insalubrity to be suspended or to have its reduced degree. Another point that is usually questioned is the incidence of more than one unhealthy factor. In these cases, only the highest grade is considered, being prohibited the accumulation of additional.

Unhealthy Tolerance Limit

As I have already mentioned above, this is one of the main problems related to how to define additional unhealthy. Even with the Regulatory Standard 15, which specifies the minimum or maximum concentration of a certain item related to the nature and time of exposure, the tolerance limits will be conditioned to the technical visit.

Additional Unhealthiness - Charge

It is therefore important that the human resources manager and those responsible for areas with levels of unhealthiness always try to keep the conditions similar to day-to-day. In this way, the limits will be respected and the employee will have the remuneration due according to what is stated in law.

How to Calculate Unhealthy Additional

Unhealthy Addition Calculation Base

As if all the other problems related to the definition of additional health insurance were not enough, there is still no legal understanding as to what should be the basis of calculation for this account.

When the Human Resources e Personal department or calculate payroll, you need to see what was legally defined for your company, as there are cases where the additional health insurance is calculated on the:

  • minimum wage
  • base salary
  • category floor
  • total remuneration

This item is still under discussion and there is no definitive opinion on it. Even for that reason, if the worker feels wronged, he can conduct judicial questioning. In this case, the action only has a retroactive effect of five years and can only be filed up to two years after the employee leaves the company.

How to Calculate the Unhealthy Additional

1 Unhealthy Addition Calculation Example

Let's look at a first example of unhealthy calculation for a worker at a company working on a very noisy job:

  • Average grade (20%)
  • Basis of calculation on top of the minimum wage (R $ 788)
  • Worker was admitted to 01 / 03 / 2015 and worked until 30 / 06 / 2015
  • Period: 4 months

Each month there should be a salary increase of R $ 157,60, corresponding to 20% of R $ 788 (minimum wage), totaling R $ 630,40 in the period.

How to Calculate Unhealthy Additional

2 Unhealthy Addition Calculation Example

Now let's move on to a slightly heavier example where the employee works with X-Ray but without the proper protections:

  • Maximum degree (40%)
  • Calculation basis on top of the employee's salary (R $ 2600)
  • Worker was admitted to 01 / 01 / 2015 and worked until 31 / 07 / 2015
  • Period: 7 months

In this case, this worker should have an increase in the salary of R $ 1040 for each month in which he is working. This value corresponds to 40% of R $ 2600 (employee base salary), totaling R $ 7.280 in the corresponding period.

It is worth remembering that in the cases cited, the additional unhealthy was paid for the entire month of work. For any situation where the employee has not worked the whole period, he should receive the proportional amount for that amount.

Assuming that in our second example the worker had only made 50% of his journey in the last month. So in this case he would only be entitled to receive R $ 520, 50% of the total amount of the additional in the month in question.

Difference between Unhealthy and Hazardous

Another question that may arise is between Unhealthy Additional Hazardous. In fact there is not much difficulty in making this differentiation. In the first item, the activity affects / impairs the health of the worker, while in the second, it presents a danger or life threat to the worker.

For example, if a worker exercises his profession in a very noisy work, he can receive for unhealthy work. Now, if this project does not pose any risk to the health of that employee, but is extremely dangerous to his life because it does not contain protective helmets or safety instruments against falls, it will be considered a dangerous activity.

Unhealthy Additional - Differences between insalubrity and dangerousness

Another important item is to understand that the additional health hazards and dangerousness are not cumulative. Usually the worker will receive the one that offers a better remuneration for the specific case.

How to Calculate Unhealthy Additional

Excel Spreadsheets


  1. Now that we are in the middle of a pandemic. Professionals working in pharmacies (attendants, pharmacists, laboratory technicians, among others) as well as super market attendants, bakeries etc. Wouldn't you be entitled to the Unhealthy Work Additional?

  2. Good morning, the unhealthiness is calculated over 10, 20 or 40% right, so because the example above referring to the “worker who operates RX” and 40% above the base salary, act since the hazard affects 30% on this factor.

  3. 1 - I'm not sure if there is a 100% definition, it's worth talking to a person specialized in the subject
    2 - I believe it can accumulate, but it is worth questioning someone who really knows the subject

  4. Good afternoon Rafael
    Based on labor legislation, I have two doubts:
    1 - Is the Calculation of Unhealthiness (by Legislation) calculated on the minimum wage? or the employee's base salary?
    2 - Can it legally accumulate Unhealthy and dangerous? or the employee chooses only one way.

  5. Hi Eder, I'm not an expert, so I recommend you look for someone skilled in labor issues to help you better, maybe the union can give you this clarification

  6. Hi, I'm a butcher, I get 1.514 of salary + unhealthy, but I do not know if I get at least the minimum, how much would I have to receive if it was at least 20% (cold camera, and biological products).

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  8. Hi Elias, it will depend. When suing the company, the process will be judged by a judge, you need to prove everything, it depends on lawyers, anyway you can not say how much you could receive. If you want to make an account of how much you should have received during this period, just consider the percentage of unhealthiness you should receive (it can vary from 10% to 40% if I am not mistaken) monthly during this period according to the salary of each month

  9. I have 5 years of salubrious that the company did not pay and I gained 1997.00 in the wallet if put in the stick how many I receive?

  10. Hi Daniel, if your insanity calculation basis is your 1700 salary, you should get 2.380 (ie 680 more). But you must first understand what the basis of calculation is used (it may be the minimum wage for example).

  11. if I have a salary of 1700 + 40% of unhealthy how much has to come over?

  12. Ahh I am with an unhealthy action in progress as I am awaiting the result of expertise of my activities in a market and distribution center in the follow-up of retail my insalubrity meets the complaints of HR in the company !!!!

  13. Hi Eliézio, in general the calculation of insalubrity is made on top of the minimum wage. However, there are cases (think few) where the value used is the gross salary

  14. I work in a company with a basic salary of at least R $ 954,00 But I get R $ 1.200,00. I work in the company with loud noise. I should receive the unhealthiness over R $ 954,00 or R $ 1.200,00. Tell me correctly.

  15. the unhealthy 20% and calculated on top of the minimum wage, ie 20% of 954,00 = 190,80 which is what is coming to you Thayna.

  16. The calculation base of the unhealthy supplement is on top of the minimum wage

  17. Hi Thayna, you need to ask your HR why there is a discount of this amount

  18. Hello good afternoon, my salary is 1192,42 and it comes in my against check the unhealthiness of 20% that would be 238,48 but comes the only addition of 190,80 is that right?

  19. Hi Junior, it is impossible to talk like this without knowing your reality. There are usually unions that guarantee this type of right to the worker

  20. I am at 3 months without receiving the additional of insulibrity, I refer to rh they communicate that the report of the engineer in work safety was not passed on.

  21. good evening. working in a jet-fueled jet, and lubricating the trucks and buses, I'd like to know what my degree of insult is, thank you.

  22. Hi Carlos, I may be wrong, but being a mechanic in industrial mechanics does not necessarily give you insalubrity. The insalubrity may be due according to the working conditions and trade union agreements already made.

  23. I am a technician in industrial mechanics and I do not receive insalubrity.

  24. Hi Adfrancis, in these cases it is important that you make sure that insalubrity is applied in your work case. If it really matters, it would be worth talking to your employers to come to an agreement initially. If it is not possible, apparently for what you have described, maybe filing a lawsuit is the solution.

  25. Good night I worked 7 years in a company I never received insalubrity I worked with pesticide with excessive noise exposed in dust and mists

  26. Unhealthy rate is called incorrect because rate is kind of tribute. It is not about a fee, but an addition, something that adds up.

    Unhealthy is the harmful to health, which gives cause to the disease.

    Established art. 6 of Decree Law 2.162, 01 / 05 / 1940, that "for workers employed in operations deemed unhealthy, according to the maximum, medium and minimum degrees, the increase of remuneration, respecting the proportionality with the minimum wage that is in force for the local adult worker, will be 40%, 20% or 10% respectively.

    Check out our article in full.


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