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How to Calculate the Freight Cost of Carriers


A major challenge for Brazilian companies is calculate freight costs. Our logistic inefficiency is known, not at the management level, but mainly on the means of transportation available and the explicit and implicit costs of any delivery operation.

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Despite our continental size, companies rely almost exclusively on road freight, which greatly increases freight and generates various risks and variables with the price of gasoline, tolls, fines, accidents and various technical problems, without the risk of theft and assaults.

For this reason, in many cases, the freight cost of delivering a product ends up being almost as high as the price of the product itself and generating a loss of competitiveness in companies.

In this scenario, calculating and continuously controlling the cost of freight, whether for transport companies or those operating their own logistics operations is a key activity and, due to the complexity and quantity of information, must be done with the aid of some tool.

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Here at LUZ, we specialize in Excel and believe that professional and quality worksheets can help companies in many different challenges and the calculation of freight cost is one of them. Thus, we set up a freight control sheet which can help you and I will demonstrate your key features below.

How to Calculate Your Freight Cost

1) Fleet Register, Drivers and Services

The first step in getting a really interesting analysis of your freight cost is to register your entire fleet, your drivers and the services used as maintenance, workshops and gas stations. This data will allow the worksheet to detail performance and price information for future decision making.

How to Calculate the Shipping Cost of 1 Carriers

2) Delivery / Freight Control

Then the spreadsheet will allow you to control all your freights by specifying the vehicle, driver, distance, route, odometer, fuel cost and more! With this data well registered, it will be possible to check the general and specific freight value from different perspectives.

How to Calculate the Shipping Cost of 2 Carriers

3) Exchange Control and Maintenance

One type of cost that can greatly influence the value of your freight is the good state of your fleet. Whether for preventive and routine maintenance or for accidents, you must keep a strict control of your exchanges and maintenance in order to avoid having unpleasant surprises. Our spreadsheet will alert you whenever a vehicle is out of schedule / to make changes to tires, filters, oil, etc.

How to Calculate the Shipping Cost of 3 Carriers

4) Freight Calculator

Our spreadsheet also has an area that is the freight calculator itself. With it, you'll be able to do analysis and different scenarios taking into consideration not only the individual and total delivery costs, but also the fixed costs of your business. In this way, the calculator will show you, within your freight simulation, how much your cost per ton or KM will be.

How to Calculate the Shipping Cost of 4 Carriers

5) Reports and Dashboards

Automatically, the spreadsheet will generate several different types of reports on your cost and freight control which include: overhead, cash flow, cost of maintenance, logistic analysis, performance per vehicle and more!

How to Calculate the Shipping Cost of 5 Carriers

If you have a logistics operation and need to calculate your freight cost better, be sure to download the free demo version of this worksheet on the product page: freight control worksheet.

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