How to track receipts on credit cards

how to handle receipt of credit cards
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In this article we will talk about:

Is it worth having receipts on cards?

More and more we have seen more consumers walking around with little money in their pockets and using credit cards for necessary eventualities. This movement has been growing stronger with increased security for online purchasing procedures, with the integration of applications / systems with multiple card banners and the ease of high-value shopping installments.

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That is, if you have a business or are from a financial area, you are probably losing sales and money if you do not give the option of paying by credit card to your customers. So keep reading this post I'll tell you what are the best ways to implement this practice in your business right now.

Register your types of receipts

I will not take credit if you closed a contract for receipt directly with your bank, with payment gateways (such as Moip, Paypal or Pagseguro) or otherwise. Basically, each of these payment processing solution providers will have advantages and disadvantages and the most important thing in this first moment is to understand what is the fee that they charge you for each transaction.

If you have already done a search and found out what are your best options, it's time to register and fee administration fee for each type of use, per flag directly on your card receipt control worksheet:

how to control receipt of credit cards - card registration

There are 4 main types of use of receipts which are:

  • Debit
  • Credit
  • Short-Term Installment Credit
  • Long-Term Installment Credit

For each of these, the company you hired may charge a different fee, and usually the longer the delivery period (quantity of parcels), the higher the amount you will have to pay.

Registration of receipts in credit cards

Now that we understand what we need to do before we start selling, let's see how to record your credit card receipts.

When making your sales, make the proper records of your sales postings with the use of cards. The most important data to register are:

  • Date of sale
  • Value of the sale
  • Used flag
  • Type of use
  • Number of installments

With this information, a good tool (such as our credit card control worksheet) already provides you with information such as:

  • Administrative fee
  • Net value received
  • Amount received in installments
  • Expected date of the first installment

See below:

How to Track Credit Card Receipt - Sales Launch

In this first view, with all your receipts, it can be difficult to draw conclusions and that is why it is necessary to organize all your payment forecasts in one place, where you can see the total of launches to be received per month as well such as the month-to-month record of these entries:

how to track receipt of credit cards - monthly payments forecast

With this information in hand, you already have a very good view of what you have to receive and can make comparisons with your accounts payable or amounts that are usually spent every month to see if you will need cash or not.

Card Banner Analysis

Another analysis that can help you a lot is to have the visualization of each of the flags that you use in your daily life. That way, you can follow your statements and know if everything that was expected to enter is actually entering.

In our credit card control worksheet, simply select a banner that all the data is automatically pulled into their respective months, showing exactly how much you have to receive relative to the card in question.

how to control receipt of credit cards - analysis of installments receivable

Anticipation of receipts

To conclude, knowing what you have to receive, a possibility that opens to cover possible losses in months with many expenses is the anticipation of receiving these amounts. In order to understand whether it is worth making this advance, it is necessary to do the calculations correctly and in our card control worksheet we have an exclusive area of ​​anticipation where you add the rates and make on-the-spot simulations:

how to track receipt of credit cards - down payment forecast

That way, you can have total control of your installments (or credit), see if it is worth anticipating or not, and organize your finances taking into consideration your credit cards.

banner credit card control worksheet

Excel Spreadsheets


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