How to form a favorable sales environment

favorable sales environment - planting to harvest later
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By Juracy Abbondanza, specialist in complex sales, responsible for Abbondanza Business Solutions.

We can define sales environment as anything that interferes directly or indirectly in customer service.

I believe most business executives of all sizes will agree that some steps - recruiting, training, motivating, and retaining talent - should be a priority in defining sales and marketing strategy.

When the company hires a new sales professional what does it offer on a day to day basis that can add up to his skills to bring in good deals? Does the corporate environment add value to the sales team? Is there an exchange of knowledge that will provide professional growth?

Let's summarize the key factors among those we believe will influence the formation of a favorable sales environment.

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Training is the first thing to think about when thinking about qualifying. We need to focus training on what really matters: products, sales techniques and follow-up. There should be a structured training line, a program that has identification with the company.

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  • Train the sales team on products is important! But what is the focus of this training? Professionals have to know the characteristics and specifications of the product, but should know, mainly, what the product can do to help the customer. So, first point: the seller must know the product well, but has who also know the business of the client.
  • Train the sales team in negotiation and management techniques is important, but this training can not stop at the end of the courses. One mistake that is often made is to train sales professionals in courses that teach innovative techniques, and yet when they return to the company, day by day, they go back to the old practices, with the same old and addicted habits. Nothing is going to change. It is essential that there is a monitoring, by the manager, in the application and consolidation of the lessons received. It is good for the seller and for the company.
  • Establish formal, periodic meetings for business follow-up within the new work methodology.
  • Promote discussions and working groups to develop methods for evaluating the results obtained from the new guidance.
  • Encourage, and discuss, reading technical books.

That keeps the team motivated!

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Sales team and integration with other areas

Sellers should be heard in the company because they are the ones who have contact with the market, their trends and needs. There should be syntony between sales and the rest of the company.

Marketing is an area that has to continually talk to sales people.

No matter the size of the company, all sectors should be customer satisfaction oriented. It is important for this to be a leader who responds to, or belongs to, the high summit, and has authority over all people involved with the client, either directly or indirectly, and who will link the areas.

Formal and structured procedures should be deployed to identify any bottlenecks or weak links in the chain, without the objective of punishing, but rather to correct deviations of route in the quest for quality in customer service. Here also periodic meetings can be held with the leaders of each stage of the process.


The established goals should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Temporary.

SMART goals are goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Temporary!
SMART goals are goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Temporary!

That is, it should be clear what the company wants to achieve, to what extent, with fully feasible numbers, the importance of the goal for the company and for each and in what period of time.

Goals should be the responsibility of the entire service chain, and each component should be rewarded when hit. Estipule the gain of each person: commission, prize, recognition.

If some positions do not provide for commission, stipulate awards, recognition of those who have worked hard motivates the staff (type employee of the month, remember? It still works), sponsor trips, involve families in internal events. Finally, there are several ways, in addition to commissioning, to reward employees and make customers happy and goals achieved.

customer prospecting worksheet


It is very important that there are leaderships to support, motivate and improve the performance of sales teams and the areas involved in the process. These leaderships must be committed to the values ​​and culture of the company. The main mission is to command people and show the way, give working conditions and guide how each one should follow and show which individual and collective gain.

Leaders are key to maintaining talent because they know that when they need help this will come constructively, identifying the mistake and showing the right alternative without punishment. Any conflicts must be resolved quickly and in a way that everyone involved feels satisfied.

A leader arouses in his team the sense of ownership, that is, each one will work as if the business were yours!


Hiring a sales professional does not boil down to curriculum analysis and an interview to know about your achievements.

recruitment and selectionIt is important that the candidate identifies with the values ​​of the company and fits perfectly in the gear that is working. This new piece should not swallow the machine and can not disrupt what already works, personally and professionally.


Of all the factors influencing the sales environment the most important is undoubtedly the involvement of management in the day to day of the team. The direction, the expectations, the gains, the results, are directly connected with the direct attention of the high summit of the company. Professionals should understand this involvement very clearly because they feel important in the process and the sense of ownership appears.

Create an environment that encourages people to be part of it, where everyone can wake up in the morning with the certainty that their day will be fruitful and enjoyable.

A favorable environment will be perceived by everyone and the motivation of the staff will certainly reflect on the results.

No matter the size of the company, create a favorable environment, the company thanks and the results appear.

customer prospecting worksheet

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