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In 2016 I took on a new role in my company that had, among other duties, that of to deploy a PMO - Projects Management Office, or Project Office, to monitor HR projects.

I immediately thought of putting into practice everything I learned during my postgraduate studies in project management in the disciplines of management of acquisitions, stakeholders, risks, quality etc. I wanted to put all the PMBOK Process Flow.

He would soon discover that all of this would be like a battle tank to kill a fly.

At the beginning, I realized that HR projects, although strategically important for the Company, required a simpler form of follow-up. It would not be necessary to issue tons of documents that traditional management requires because there are no significant volumes of resources, risks, acquisitions and stakeholders in each project, for example. Additionally, my “team” for the project office was made up of one person, which increased the need for simplification.

Therefore, we decided to create a simplified methodology to monitor HR projects and to put this method into practice we needed a simplest tool than traditional ones like Microsoft Project or Primavera. I then created the Project Monitoring Worksheet where we tracked all relevant deadlines and resources for HR projects on a panel.

We include the Project Panel on the agenda of monthly critical review meetings and it was a success. Not only in the HR department, where the projects started to make more sense because we started seeing them all at once, but the monitoring model became a reference inside and outside the Company, having been evaluated as People Management Governance Best Practice by SEST - Secretariat for Coordination and Governance of State-owned Companies in December 2016.

We also started to use the performance of the projects, calculated by the spreadsheet, as an input for performance management of employees and managers involved in each project.

See below one of the spreadsheet screens. To see more, visit the worksheet for monitoring projects and action plans.

Project Spreadsheet
Spreadsheet Panel for Monitoring Small Projects

Download the Project Spreadsheet

Do you want to know the worksheet for monitoring small projects? It is available for purchase here: Project Tracking Worksheet. Click here to learn more and test, or watch the video below.

Project Spreadsheet Video

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Excel Spreadsheets


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