How to manage a gas station?

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Don't know how to manage gas stations? We have separated the best financial, environmental, accounting, inventory management tips and much more!

Know how to manage gas station it is essential for any area manager. After all, it is essential to plan financially and strategically, offering excellent customer service, competitive prices and making your business grow.

But this is not such a simple task, as there are several points that need to be considered and evaluated. In this content, we have separated the best tips on administration and gas station management. Check it out!

What is the importance of gas station management?

Business management involves a more technical view of tasks related to planning, organization, coordination, direction and control. When management is done well, it is possible to reap countless results.

On the financial side, for example, proper planning and control prevents cash from being lacking for the purchase of inputs and investments, while allowing you to anticipate and plan for periods of high and low, helping to face crises and ensure resources for business expansion.

O strategic planning it is essential to think about new possibilities and business growth, helping to make essential decisions such as suppliers, pricing, new services, partnerships, among others.

It is also essential that the manager think about human resources and marketing. The first is essential for the gas station to exist and offer the best possible service to customers. And the second will make your brand stand out from the competition, attract more customers and retain those you already have.

When all these points are well managed and balanced, your business becomes more stable and prone to growth, facing periods of crisis without much difficulty and with financial balance for new ventures, such as opening other branches.

How to manage gas stations: what are the main tips?

How to manage a gas station?

Are you already convinced of the importance of managing gas stations strategically? Below we have separated the main tips that will help you in this mission!

Strategic planning

Planning is essential for any business - and it is no different with gas stations. You need to put on paper where you are and where you want to go, thinking of ways to accomplish this.

The strategic planning will analyze the current situation of your company, your sector and also indicate the goals in the short, medium and long term.

An important point is to make a SWOT analysis in this planning, indicating the weaknesses, opportunities, strength and threats of your business. Also think about your industry and competition - and in points where your position differs and distances itself from the others.

Consider where you want to go, how long and how you will do it. For example, if the idea is to open a new unit in the city in 2 years, it is necessary to consider whether there is space in the sector, what must be done now to achieve this objective, what should be the average revenue, what is the necessary structure for this step etc.

Financial management

Financial management is essential for the actions of your strategic planning to take place. a well done cash flow and sound planning are essential.

This includes noting and knowing all your inputs and outputs, predicting, on average, how much you will have in cash in a few months and knowing what your operating costs are.

A gestão financeira it also helps to price correctly, understanding what your contribution margin is for each product and service sold at your post - and considering how much profit is needed to maintain and grow.

O financial planningalso, it should foresee low and crisis scenarios. A good manager is able to identify what are the threats to his business and the seasonality periods, taking precautions and anticipating these problems, thinking about solutions and actions to continue profiting.

From financial management, you will ensure that there will be enough cash, every month, to cover your debts, such as employee payments, taxes, purchase of inputs, etc. and to invest in new equipment, extensions, among others.

It is impossible to run a gas station without knowing all of its costs and profit. Only then will you know how much you can charge, the right time to launch promotions, what discounts are possible, if it is a good time for new hires or if you need to cut expenses, among other actions.

Tax and accounting management

It is part of the management of a post to pay attention to the legal requirements for its performance, as well as the collection of taxes. Before you even open your business, check what the legal requirements are in relation to taxes levied at the federal, state and municipal levels.

This issue needs to be carefully defined, as it will greatly affect your cash and it is necessary to ensure that you are correctly complying with your tax obligations, avoiding having serious problems with the Revenue, for example.


Identifying the right time to buy fuel is essential. So having a fuel drive book updated is very important. This registration, in addition to being mandatory by the National Petroleum Agency (ANP), also helps to correctly manage the stock.

The data is also used to collect the Tax on Circulation of Goods (ICMS).

In addition to the mandatory questions, it is worth investing in technology, for example with a fuel monitoring system. With it, you guarantee accurate and frequent measurements of your tanks, generating real-time information about the fuel level at your service station.

These systems, in general, offer a series of essential information to managers, such as: fuel stock, delivery notification, leak detection alerts, etc.

Thus, you will be able to find the right time to make the purchase of fuel and better understand the preferences of your demand, which helps in the correct planning and in the best relationship and negotiation with suppliers.

Human resources Management

Human resources are essential in any company - and at your gas station it is no different. After all, it is the attendants and attendants who deal with customers daily and it is from them that their consumers will have a formed image of your brand.

Therefore, consider investing in training and accurate guidance for your employees, in addition to thinking about a career plan that motivates these people to continue working with you.

Remember that hiring and firing are expensive processes and it still takes a while for the new employee to get used to the routines and characteristics of your company. Therefore, it is more worthwhile to invest in the employees you have, offering resources so that they can do their work in the best possible way, safely and autonomously.

Environmental management

Don't forget that running a gas station also involves environmental issues. The actions taken here help to minimize the chances of problems such as fuel leaks and soil contamination.

In addition, this is a requirement of the ANP and other regulatory bodies, allowing your post to be on the register for the consultation of ANP posts, an important resource when it comes to attracting new customers.

One of the existing resolutions is the CONAMA 273, in addition to it, there are other equally important ones that you need to know. Therefore, it is essential to constantly check the valves and pumps and create a containment plan in case of any problem.

Technology is essential in this regard, with a monitoring system that automatically and constantly checks your pumps, avoiding problems.

Service management

Attracting and retaining customers is a challenge for most managers. A strong and differentiated brand, in addition to good prices, also offers convenience and differentiated services.

So, analyze who makes up your clientele and think of ways to make going to the gas station more practical and simple. In addition to excellent service, you can add other differentials, such as a convenience store, service at special times and also simple facilities, such as tire gauge.

These little points make all the difference with the consumer's experience at your post, making it more attractive and interesting to the clientele.


In this content, you saw that managing a gas station is of paramount importance, as it will guarantee more accurate results and sustainable growth, in addition to greater capture and customer loyalty and performance within the law.

For this, there are several steps you can take. And an important one is to invest in technology, both for the control of your pumps, as for the stock and the optimization of the service.

There are companies that offer intelligent solutions and high quality products, manufacturing tank gauges and environmental monitoring systems, capable of assisting when managing your station.

He was curious to know better how to manage gas station? Find out more at the link!

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