How to use the POS in your business

How to use the POS in your business
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What is the first impression your POV cause potential customers? Answering this question is very important to improve your strategy and attract more people from a positive brand experience.

The selling point is a classic strategy that consists of building a space, with characteristics of the business visual identity and a brand-related scenario, in order to attract people and generate possible conversions.

You have probably seen one at a fair, event, or even at the supermarket a model of POS.

Do you know that free coffee they are offered with the goal that you try a new brand?

This is a typical action of the point of sale, as the techniques for this space, in general, aim to attract, provoke experiences and bring the brand closer to the customer on a daily basis.

Are you going to set up a space for your business or want to revamp yours and don't know where to start? Start by reading this article that gives you some tips on how to use POS in your business!

1. Choose a strategic location

How to use the POS in your business

Your selling point, be it a kiosk, a stand or a large assembled space needs a good location. Ideally, this facility is where your potential customers go.

A point used for the sale of stationery, photocopying, printing and services such as binding for CBT It looks great in the hallways of a university or in areas near bookstores and shops with this product line.

But what about when the business is on the internet? With the evolution of technology, e-commerces They are online stores and online shop windows are there, ready for enjoyment and consumption.

Along these lines, the traditional outlets have also advanced and today there are other concepts on how to display products on the internet, which involves quality photos, digital platforms, applications and mobile experiences.

Regarding the practical part of sales, there are software that are also known as POS and are used to make the online sales management in relation to cash flow, issuance of invoices, among other features that bring productivity to everyday life.

That is, one complete POS system to the routine of your business.

Going back to the traditional concept, it is worth remembering that the goal is to see your space, right? In addition to being practical, affordable and with an interesting location, it is very important to consider some factors to implement this strategy.

They are: target audience, persona, interests of the public, routine of times that will pass through the POS, consumption habits, among others.

Another tip to highlight your space is to map events that are part of your company's market niche and monitor the distance from the competition.

Bookstores can attend book fairs, builders can make POS at large malls, and so on.

2. Capriche in visual identity and decoration

How to use the POS in your business

The power of image and visual attractions is undeniable. No wonder areas such as consumer psychology and neuromarketing take into account the study of color, sensory perceptions, brain reactions, ambiance, smell and other characteristics.

Understand what catches your audience's attention and incorporate it into the decor of your environment.

Be sure to take care of branding and graphic resources to identify the area as a property linked to your brand.

In a kiosk specializing in products like women's print t-shirt and personalized mugs, it's interesting to look for elements that bring joviality, technology and current affairs.

General tips for decorating your selling point:

  • Organization of products and novelties in the shop window;
  • Identification of store employees with brand elements;
  • Supporting materials such as promotional flyers;
  • Gifts for customers;
  • Market niche accessories (in makeup, a mirror);
  • Custom facade or sign, with brand logo.

    3. Train the customer service team

How to use the POS in your business

POSs are usually located in the person's path, which is part of their routine.

Therefore, in order for it to consider the time to stop and analyze products and to draw attention to the visuals, a selling point needs to rely on friendly sellers that can approach people.

Imagine the case of technical assistance that offers services such as led tv repair, phone screen swap and other elements.

The audience that seeks these solutions is specific, so getting the attention of others requires some persuasion, communication and sales techniques.

It is interesting to display technology related products for sale, phone cases, chargers and other accessories as a plus.

However, it is very important that the team has training to answer all technical questions and to win the customer.

Skills in oral communication, personal development, and sales are excellent for stimulating team skills.

In addition, it is important to note that serving the audience requires waist play, education, balance and friendliness, so the more skills are exercised, the better the result.

Now that you know a bit more about how to assemble your POV online and offline more efficiently, how about getting inspired by the tips?

Remember that this is the space that conveys your brand message and will make an impression on people.

It's the simplest way to approach customers in strategic locations, so cherish your company's image.

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