How to improve your company's reputation and image in the digital age

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When it comes to the digital age, you can't turn a blind eye to details that are extremely important to running a business. Having a website and buy domain are two examples. Through them it is possible to bring authority and credibility to your company.

The hosting of websites also has its relevance. Thanks to a good hosting plan, it is possible to guarantee loading speed and frequent backups, which are essential to ensure a good user experience.

And, in the digital age, in the face of several online channels, a good browsing experience also consists of offering quality service. Therefore, it also helps to improve the company's reputation and image.

However, this improvement in the image also includes other important details. To learn more about this topic, check out the following topics:

  • The importance of digital presence
  • Understand how to work after sales
  • The sustainability agenda and your company's image
  • Tips to improve your company's image

The importance of digital presence

When consumers use online channels, it is essential to put your business in the digital age. Not by chance, more and more, someone raises his hand in marketing meetings just to remember how important it is.

Having a digital presence helps to improve and strengthen the brand of any business, be it large or small. If we also consider the pandemic issue and digitalization as a solution for many companies, it gains even more relevance.

However, not only creating a website and buy a domain that lives from digital presence. It is necessary to be aware of the various paths available. THE use of social networks, YouTube videos and info-products are some of them. Below we will see other important points on how to become more present in digital. 

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Emai marketing

Using email marketing

Sending e-mails is also a way of showing that your business is online and working on the reputation and image of your brand. This is due to the fact that email is a personalized and direct way to send content to a targeted audience.

O use email marketing will become efficient if it is worked with planning, within a specific strategy and made with the appropriate tools for that, such as, for example, Mailchimp and E-goi.

E-mail marketing reinforces that your brand is present in the consumer's daily routine, through which it is possible to promote products, promotions and offers. 

To make this approach even more successful, don't even think about buying ready-made email lists. This makes you send messages to people who are not part of your audience.

Take advantage of Google My Business

Have you noticed the large number of people who use Google to solve a problem? Whether to change the car tire, buy a new shower, Google has the answer. That's why being found on Google is essential to ensuring a digital presence.

Therefore, it is important to create your profile on Google My Business and ensure that it is always up to date, making sure the address is correct, with photos, opening hours and other relevant information for the customer.

In addition, your enterprise can receive positive evaluations for the services provided, this benefits the image and reputation of your company.

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Understand about SEO techniques

You can't talk about digital presence without mentioning Search Engine Optimization techniques. They are great allies for both blog posts and descriptions of your videos on YouTube.

Through the proper use of search terms, building links and other resources, SEO techniques make it possible for your site to be better viewed by the increasingly demanding Google algorithms.

On the platform WordPress, for example, which is one of the most reliable when it comes to building blogs and websites, it is possible to count on appropriate plugins to help precisely with SEO techniques.

Understand how to work after sales

If winning customers is difficult, so is retaining them. To think that after a successful sale, customers no longer need attention is terrible for the image and reputation of any company. That's where the well-done after-sales job.

After-sales serves to consolidate the company's link with the consumer audience through diversified strategies. It is the foundation for those who want not only to have customers, but to win them over.   

In view of building a relationship between the business and its customers, it is possible for the customer to become attached to the brand and choose on other occasions. So, here are some basic tips for working after-sales. 

Have a CRM tool

CRM is the acronym for the English term Customer Relationship Management, that is, Customer Relationship Management.

The name says it all and CRM is an excellent resource for managing your relationship with the customer, making it easier to improve your company's image before the public. In this case, there are CRM tools that come into play to facilitate this management.

They allow for several interesting actions, among them is obtaining a record of information about customers. This will allow you to further customize your offer campaigns for your audience.

Some of the most popular CRM tools are Salesforce, Pipedrive, Freshsales and Piperun.

Use a reverse logistics policy

Reverse logistics consists of the possibility for the customer to return a certain product after consumption, allowing the manufacturer to allow a correct disposal of that product.

How does this initiative contribute to your company's reputation? Simple, it strengthens the relationship in the after-sales and also contributes to disseminate the sustainable philosophy of your business.

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Good user experience

Value the user experience

UX (User Experience), or rather, User Experience, is a very important concept in the digital age. Through it it is possible to find practices that facilitate the interaction of customers on websites, applications and various online channels.

Promoting good UX to customers is the norm in any digital marketing plan. An example of this is the careful elaboration of the layout, the appropriate choice of colors and the correct arrangement of icons and texts on the website.

It is also worth remembering the so-called responsive design. Nowadays, when mobile devices are around the clock with their respective owners, responsive design serves to make your website accessible on any type of screen.

Perform pre-releases

If there is anything that can put a smile on the customer's face, it is to show that he will know something new about your business before the general public. This shows the consumer that he is part of a select group of preferred customers.

For this reason, when launching a product, try to launch and open a pre-sale for those of your faithful customers. They will feel really recognized.

Never forget the special dates

Always take a good look at the calendar to see when your customer has a birthday. Through a good email marketing tool you will be able to send a birthday card with a special offer. 

And this is not just for birthdays. Other dates related to your product are also possible in post-sale campaigns. Anyway, the fact is that remembering your customer shows how much your brand likes him. This is critical to improving your reputation.

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Company and sustainability

The sustainability agenda and your company's image

In addition to post-sales to improve the image of your company, it is also important to remember the issue of sustainability, which is a social agenda that is very present today and, therefore, is already part of the strategies of many companies. 

As we are in the digital age, in which social networks increasingly give voice to consumers, it is common for them to charge for sustainable attitudes from well-known brands and also from small businesses.

Imagine that a simple post, shared on some social network, can do, even more when this post reinforces that such company does not care about the environment.

The consumer of the digital age is more aware and demanding. Therefore, to avoid damages that can damage your brand, the adoption of simple sustainability practices benefits your company's image.

Nowadays, any business can use procedures that care for nature in their daily lives. With that, check out some tips for that. 

Don't be afraid to recycle

If you are not going to use it anymore, look for a method to recycle the materials that could be discarded. The process of recycling materials, related to the realization of campaigns helps to improve the image of your company.

In addition, making the proper disposal of garbage and also providing several bins in strategic places makes it possible to sanitize the environment and enables the separation of organic waste from recyclable waste.

The company can contribute even more by developing messages, reminders and e-mails, reinforcing how important it is to know how to separate waste.

Create and invest in educational projects

The company can design and even participate in projects that value the protection of the environment, showing the public the relevance of practices such as, for example, not throwing trash on the street.

Reduced use of paper and other resources

Paper consumption in many companies is usually very high. However, thanks to modern resources provided by Cloud Computing, it is possible to share and store files safely, using less paper.

Depending on your company, it is possible to adopt the Home Office, which helps the environment in various ways, avoiding expenses with transportation and electricity, for example. 

Tips to improve your business image

In the digital age there are several ways for a company to improve its image and reputation with the public.

In addition to working on the after-sales relationship and adopting environmentally friendly practices, check out other valuable tips. 

Stay tuned for online and offline channels

Yes, we are in the digital age, but in many cases strategies that use offline channels can also help.

In the current digital moment, when the consumer is becoming more comprehensive and thirsty for information, it is important to find customers wherever they are. Therefore, both offline and online practices must be cohesive. 

So don't be surprised when you hear about strategies omnichannel and multichannel, because the more integrated these are, the more effective your company's communication will be.

Still, it is not right to say that offline media is extinct. The proof of this is the TV channels interacting more and more with other online media channels, such as social networks, websites and applications. 

Note that many channels and TV shows have a corresponding virtual channel. This feature increases engagement and interaction with the audience.

Encourage employees

Most customers notice when employees are truly engaged with the brand and what it stands for. 

For this reason, it is essential to promote training workshops, simulations and preparation activities to train your team. In this way, it will be able to serve customers, ensuring that the brand is recognized in the market for quality service.

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Sponsor events as well as personalities

There is a good alternative for you to reinforce your digital presence and your brand image. A practical example of this is a company that produces sporting goods to sponsor a particular athlete or sporting event.

The advantage of this strategy is to use the mental trigger of the authority, because when showing a professional using your product and your brand, it reinforces the quality for the consumer and also stimulates the purchase action.

Reputation and image are your company's valuable assets

In the current digital age, in which the public is more active and demanding, it is essential to know how to work your brand very well.

The use of actions that enhance your image and improve your reputation must be worked on and updated constantly. That way you can capture more leads and consolidate new customers.

So, having a website, buy domain, investing in sustainable practices and multichannel strategies are part of a process that must be constantly updated.  


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