How to increase conversions for your online business?

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Building a website is just one of the crucial steps for you to start your journey as a digital entrepreneur. This is because it is increasingly competitive and challenging to attract traffic for your website or shop online. In fact, there are mainly two ways to be able to generate traffic to your online business:

  • Organic traffic - where you, based on SEO strategies (search engine positioning) and quality of your content, can make people return to your website or store organically. That is, you will not need to pay
  • Paid traffic - all traffic generated with ads on platforms such as Facebook Ads or Google Adwords or that was paid to be promoted. Certainly this is a most expensive form of marketing, which should result in strict budget management.


However, contrary to what one might think, it is not enough to attract users or potential customers to your website or online store. You will have to take into account that it is not only necessary to retain these leads, as well as achieving conversion rates that are minimally profitable for your campaigns or project management.

With that in mind, we will now look at different strategies that you can consider as a way of retention and conversion of your leads or potential customers. The planning of these strategies may end up greatly improving this rate, which is so important for the success of an online business.

# 1 Build an attractive Landing Page

Although it is not a new concept, the truth is that the conversion rate of landing pages, whether to get the customer's email or even to make a sale, should be considered by any digital entrepreneur. Examples like that of “playing poker for money", Or even to capture" leads ", with newsletters, allow your target audience to have a first impact of your online business or online project, in a planned and structured way.


That is, in many cases, landing pages end up being the “landing” web pages, which are used in ads and advertisements for an online business. In them, as a way to increase the conversion rate, you will usually find very short text or even video presentation. The main objective is that the user can click on the button that is on that landing page.

Generally, in this button you will be inviting your "lead" to join your newsletter, enter your website / sales page or even to proceed to the payment for a certain product or product or even courses. However, try to build this landing page in the most appealing way, simple and responsive as possible. The web page should also be very light and easy to explain and read.

# 2 Choosing digital influencers in your niche

In fact, a digital entrepreneur, just limiting himself to promoting his online business with paid advertisements on platforms, could be a missed opportunity. This is because, today, there are thousands of digital influencers who are willing to promote your products or services. However, you should consider the following points when moving on to hiring an advertisement with a digital influencer:

digital influencer

  • Negotiate and set a clear budget - be fully aware of how much you will be able to pay for publication, negotiating a lot with this influencer. You will quickly realize that the reach of your ads will be much more accessible than on Google Adwords, for example.
  • Analyze statistics, response rates and likes - it is very important that you only hire influencers who have very satisfactory engagement and response rates / likes. That way, you will know that your advertising will provoke a substantial reaction to the audience of that same influencer.
  • Hire influencers within your niche market - study in depth which niche market this influencer is managing to grab. Only in this way can you be maximizing your chances of being able to increase your conversion rates. Also try to deliver maximum value to these followers.
  • Means of promotion and exposure time - details such as paid publication time on the air or even if this advertisement will be made by video or image must always be negotiated and very well discussed. For example, be aware that, as a rule, a video ends up having a higher average click-through rate than just just an image / photo. However, everything will depend on your target audience.

In short, end up asking for a budget for any influencers you think might be of interest in promoting your services or products. Generally, in these advertisements, companies make a point of leaving special discounts for the followers of this influencer. How many times have you not heard that a famous person has a discount code? It is precisely because of this strategy.

# 3 Hiring professionals for your ads

Finally, and in order to be able to increase conversion rates to the maximum in your online business or online project, you should consider hiring one or more professionals. Currently, you will have several alternatives so that you can develop not only a effective marketing strategy, as well as ads that could potentially have satisfactory click-through and conversion rates.


For this, editing videos or flashy images or even having your own production for your ads can be an idea to consider. Fortunately, with easy access to freelance professionals, and within a budget that respects what you have planned, you may already be launching promotional videos that may interest your target audience. These videos can also be great for you to launch a special campaign with exclusive discounts, for example.

However, if you still want to have a more professionalized management of your online marketing, know that you can always turn to a Web Agency. It ends up being a team that, based on your goals and pre-established budget, will move on to a more professional and thoughtful marketing campaign to maximize conversion results to their fullest. However, keep in mind that hiring a Web Agency ends up being the most expensive option, of those already discussed above, for a digital entrepreneur, especially if you are taking your first steps.

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