Knowing how to use strengths is key to success in selling!

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When the seller identifies a point of attention in the sales process, three situations can follow: continue to hit the same key, ignore or make use of its strengths.

So let's see!

Insisting on error

This is the most common scenario, the seller believes he has failed to overcome the point of attention because he has not tried enough and insists on following the same strategy. At this point he stands on the tenuous border between insistent and inconvenient, which in the second case is fatal. When noticing an obstacle try to identify the reasons and look for exits to remove it, do not keep hitting the same key because there is sure to be a wear.

Review the information you have, look for new alternatives, have the humility to acknowledge that you need help, and look inside or outside the organization for someone who can help you find the best way to get beyond the points of attention.


In this scenario, the salesperson simply sublimes the point of attention, accepts the fact and starts acting in their comfort zone. Half way to failure at the sale. When you ignore a point of attention that you have identified as a key in the process, you become vulnerable and discovered, leaving room for competition to occupy that space.

Do not forget that the competition also has its strategies and is just waiting for you to make a break to take advantage and take advantage of the closing race.

Ignoring an obstacle is drawing an unreal situation that will bring trouble when you face the reality of closing. Facing is always the best way.


The strategy most likely to succeed is certainly to use your strengths to eliminate the attention points and overcome the obstacles that appear in the course of the sales process.

But how to face?

If you have identified the attention points and know the impact they can have on the sale then it is time to look for alternatives to eliminate them.

The first thing to do is relate all the points of attention, take advantage of this review to update your trading status and check where you are and where you are not solidly positioned

Once related look for the strengths you have to eliminate each of the obstacles.

Be specific!

For example: which of the buying influences are most enthusiastic and convinced of the benefits your proposal will bring to the corporation?

Talk to each of them and try to turn them into a coach to access some unresolved buying influence.

During the process you may find new points of attention. When you get access to an influence that has not yet been well worked out, you will see that some hitherto unknown situations may come to the surface.

When this happens you need to re-relate the points of attention and review your positioning. Make sure the changes will be for the better.

The new defined positions must highlight a Strong Point and / or eliminate a Point of Attention. Of course the ideal will always be "and".

Do not expend energy on placements that do not achieve at least one of these two goals.


It is important to do a (almost) daily review on all scenarios, purchasing influences, strengths and points of attention.

Be realistic and honest with yourself so that you do not sublimate any point and harm yourself at the front.

You only solve a problem when you identify and acknowledge the error!

From there you have the techniques that will take you to closing, good luck!

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