How to make your journal entries in Excel

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The accounting routines of an accounting office involve various activities of manipulation of financial data and equity transactions of companies.

In this context, an accountant needs tools that help him receive and process information from hundreds of businesses a month to perform tasks ranging from payroll, through accounting statements to the issuance of guides of charges and taxes.

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Recently, we have been approaching accountants and accounting offices to create excel tools that will help them perform their accounting routines in excel. Last month, we launched the book spreadsheet box in excel and now we've created a new excel accounting tool that I'll demonstrate below.

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Accounting Posting Sheet

This was a spreadsheet designed to help accountants and companies communicate and reconcile their accounting entries by automatically generating all the necessary reports.

1. Registration of Account Plan and Accounting Entries

The first and most important configuration of the worksheet is done in its first two tabs. In the chart of accounts, you must register up to 250 accounts following the accounting ID on each of them. In the posting tab, you must define a debit account and other credit for each posting.

How to make your journal entries in Excel 1

2. Monthly Launches

After the initial setup, you will enter the monthly release tabs. In it, each financial transaction must be registered according to its code that will generate the automatic completion of its debit and credit accounts.

How to make your journal entries in Excel 2

3. Balance sheet

Automatically, from the postings, the worksheet will generate the balance of the business demonstrating the movements of each chart of accounts and evaluating if the structure is correct according to its classification (credit / debit)

How to make your journal entries in Excel 3

4. Statement of Cash Flow and Result of Exercise

Just like the balance sheet, the worksheet will automatically generate the two statements of cash flow and the result of exercises of your financial transactions.

How to make your journal entries in Excel 4

5. Balance Sheet

Finally, the spreadsheet will also generate the complete balance sheet of the business already ready for printing and fields for insertion of business data and also counter signature.

How to make your journal entries in Excel 5

Did you like this worksheet? You can try it for free and buy the full version by visiting this link: Accounting Posting Sheet

Business Spreadsheets

Excel Spreadsheets


  1. Wonderful Rafael. I'll e-mail you. I liked your spreadsheet. But I would also need the report of the box and journal books. I believe it is not difficult to develop, because you will enjoy the lines of the monthly accounting entries. I'll send the structure as soon as possible.

  2. Hi Oswaldo, when we created the spreadsheet we got to thinking about the possibility, but we were afraid of weighing in the spreadsheet and it will have a bad and slow usability. We have already thought about creating separate spreadsheets for these items as well, but we didn’t have so much demand so we left it aside. If you have this need, email me ([email protected]) exactly the structure that would be needed for you in the spreadsheet that I see the possibility of developing

  3. jorge, good night all right… .vc would have some payroll accounting spreadsheet per event (earnings and discounts).
    I need a spreadsheet where the codes of events and discounts of FOPAG and their respective accounting accounts.

  4. Thankful. From what I saw the worksheet does not generate the Journal and Reason reports. Do you see this possibility?

  5. Hi Oswaldo, you can make changes to the yes worksheet by adapting it to your needs. About protection, it's protected to improve usability, but it's pretty easy to unprotect and make the changes I mentioned.

  6. I found it interesting. In the event I acquire, can I make changes to the worksheets, according to my needs? Is she protected?
    I downloaded it, but I found the test very limited. You can not have a more comprehensive idea.

  7. Hi Sandro, it is necessary to see with your accountant or accounting service company the ECD format. Although we already have spreadsheets based on best practices, it is always important to have your accountant's opinion for legal purposes and to send documentation / statements

  8. Good afternoon Jorge.

    How would ECD stand if the company needs to forward this statement?

  9. I am interested in installing accounting in exel if you can help me I anticipate my thanks


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