Managing for Digital Marketing Consultants: Getting Organized and More Efficient

Managing for Digital Marketing Consultants: Getting Organized and More Efficient
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There are many management methods for consultants who have a busy schedule and need to manage their schedules well to handle all tasks.

This is especially true with Digital Marketing consultants. After all, they work mostly from home, which may be an invitation to procrastination and distractions (who resists a sneak peek at the next episode of that series on Netflix?).

So if you want to avoid missing your schedules and being more efficient at your work time, check out some management tips for consultants and get organized!

Use technology to make your job easier

One way to optimize your time at work is to use technology tools to streamline meetings and facilitate decisions. A clear example of this is Microsoft from Japan.

The company wanted to test the effects of specific team meeting software and to that end, set up a project of 4 working days per week and weekends of 3 days. In practice, the idea was to let employees have less time to resolve issues in long daily meetings.

The result was amazing: 40% more productivity, 23% less electricity, and 58% fewer printed sheets as the meetings were all digital.

So if you want a good tip from management for consultants, use technology to your advantage. Schedule meetings via Skype, store data in Google Drive, and use other tools that can make your work as easy as possible.

This will avoid having to hold face-to-face meetings, use papers and any other analog media that slows you down.

Use management software for consultants

Management for consultants is not just about working time in everyday life. It also goes through other elements, such as financial control of performance, management of the work performed for each client and other important elements.

Therefore, to help deal with this workload, use a management software for consultants whatever your base of operations. Ideally, he has a planning section for his daily activities, a financial control and a share planning part for each client.

Organize your schedules by tasks and customers

To ensure that your day goes smoothly, in an organized and efficient manner, stipulate careful and detailed daily planning.

Many consultants make relatively generic plans, noting things like "In the morning: Client X site" and "In the afternoon: Look at Client Y social networks." This is better than nothing, but it is not enough for good time management.

A consultant SEO that is really organized should have an agenda that goes something like:

  • Check client domain authority: 3min;
  • Search KW competitors: 25min;
  • Audit site: 30min;
  • Pull backlinks: 15min ”.

Notice how the schedule is controlled by the minute. With that, the SEO consultant You know you will spend 1 hour and 13 minutes as Client X. Then you will do the same for Client Y, Client Z, and so on.

Managing for Digital Marketing Consultants: Getting Organized and More Efficient

Plan your actions in advance

One of the most time-consuming and quality-of-service issues for Digital Marketing consultants is to conduct work too organically. In other words, it's the fire consultants, who jump from fire to fire.

The problem with this kind of work is that it is never efficient because there is no prediction of what to do next. And there's no way to make the service grow and become more efficient on its own.

It is therefore ideal that the Digital Marketing consultant stop spending nights solving last minute problems and plan a way to follow with the strategies designed for your customers.

Use a time management technique

For those who have trouble following the task schedule because of procrastination, there are several techniques for time management which are extremely useful and can be applied to your daily life.

The most famous of these is Pomodoro. The technique is to divide your work into 25-minute periods with short rest breaks. By splitting into small blocks, the brain becomes more focused and sharper.

However, not everyone gets along with the technique. Some people prefer to get up early and start work at 6 o'clock. Then they stop after lunch and get some sleep, returning to work at 16 pm.

Either way, it is important to test your own work rate and fit it to serve your customers well and work in the most productive way possible.

Not everyone has the same production cycle (just search and see how various Renaissance artists took naps, but work at different times) and find the best one for you. This can only be done by testing and adapting existing ones.

Following these management tips for business consultants Digital marketing, your work will be much more effective and organized. You will feel the benefits not only in your (more relaxed) work routine, but also in the results of your consulting for your clients.

Did you like our tips or think we forgot something? If this is the last option, leave a comment below with some of your tips to improve consultant management!


Excel Spreadsheets


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