Management Tools essential for a company

Management Tools essential for your company
Excel Spreadsheets

Management tools is aimed at increasing the productivity of companies, either by saving time, increasing performance or reducing costs. Can be spreadsheet, presentations, applications, software, documents, among other models.

I usually say that it is no use putting together management tools without knowing the theoretical part. Therefore, the LIGHT operates on both fronts. O Blog LUZ delivery to managers the best possible content of business administration. Meanwhile, our portals offer a very large management tools.

For you to see that we are not joking, I have listed the best tools of the LIGHT below to help you. I hope you enjoy!

Management Tools for Administrative-Financial

Dashboard Cash Flow
Graphical Analysis of Cash Management

Before checking the management tools below, see tips on how to do your financial management.

Adm-Financial Management Worksheets

Financial Presentations

Financial Documents Templates

People Management Tools

HR Indicators Worksheet - Rotativity

Before checking the HR management tools, check out the main pillars of people management.

Human Resource Management Worksheets

Human Resource Management Presentations

Letters Models for the Personal Department

Strategic Management Tools


Many companies leave strategic management because they are thinking only of the short-term: to sell, to buy inputs, to produce. This is a mistake as the company needs to make plans and execute them to climb to the next level. In this context, the strategic management it is fundamental. Check out some management tools that can help you in strategy from the company.

Strategic Management Worksheets

Business Strategy Presentations

Quality Management Tools and Processes

Ishikawa Diagram Worksheet

A quality management guarantees the reduction of waste in search of the perfect product, or at least almost perfect. Through analysis and process optimization, the company should seek to improve its critical indicators, in addition to reducing time spent and cost. Below are some management tools that can help you in this area.

Process and Quality Management Worksheets

Process Management and Quality Presentations

Commercial and Marketing Management Tools


Its commercial and sales funnel can be all done through basic tools. Know some below.

Marketing Spreadsheets

Business Management Spreadsheets

Pricing Worksheets

Marketing and Commercial Presentations

Communications Models and Business Proposals

Operational Management Tools

Essential Management Tools for an 1 Company

Operating a business is the area you most management tools. Inventory control, purchasing management e relationship with suppliers are examples of manager skills that can be done with simple tools. See some examples below.

Operational Worksheets

Operational Presentations

Excel Spreadsheets


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