5 Steps to Organize Your Personal Department (DP)

Organizing the Personal Department - Vacation Control
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What is it: Within the area of ​​people management and Human Resources, one of the most important divisions is the Personnel Department, whose priority is to control and organize labor relations with the employees of your company. Among the main activities of DP's responsibility, are the control of employees, calculation of overtime, payroll, vacation control and termination of the contract.

Why do: Although this is an activity that is usually the responsibility of accountants, having a manager looking at these processes on a daily basis can be a differential for your company not being processed, paying labor charges and maintaining the best possible relationship with employees.

1a Stage: Have control and insight of your employees

Organizing the Company's DP - Employee List

Any company that pays tribute, has full control of all the key information of its employees, from date of entry, company time and weekly work day, to basic salary, holiday month and other data. Also, having a field to query each employee individually can be a hand on the wheel.

Organize Company DP - Employee Registration

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2a Stage: Calculate Overtime

In addition to knowing exactly the key data and information of your employees, you need to track the hours you work (and overtime as well). This will allow you to pay properly for hours worked more than it should. Failure to pay attention to this detail can lead to labor lawsuits in the future.

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5 Steps to Organize Your Personal Department (DP) 1

3a Stage: Organize the Payroll

As you may know or imagine, overtime calculation is just a piece of all the benefits and burdens you need to pay to have your employee working full time. Allied to this, you also need to look at issues like FGTS, INSS, Vacations and others. This can be made with a Payroll well organized.

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4a Stage: Control the Holidays

Another step of DP control is to know exactly the vacation months of your employees. This will allow you to manage how many people will be available and also have the notion that two people with similar functions can not be on vacation at the same time so as not to harm any area of ​​the company.

Organizing the Personal Department - Vacation Control

In addition, you need to know exactly how much vacation you can buy, the exact days of vacation according to the work period and number of absences of your employees.

5a Stage: Contract termination

Lastly, if it is time for you to disconnect an employee, it is extremely important that you do it properly, not forgetting any rights from the employee, from notice to proportional vacation. We have an article on calculation of termination of contract, in case you want to know better.

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