How to Implement a Satisfaction Survey in Your Company

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In business, one of the most useful tools for gaining valuable information about your clientele is undoubtedly the satisfaction survey. After all, acting on the basis of guesses or conjectures is not a very useful position in the business world.

Satisfaction research is critical to the marketing industry and it is through it that the corporation:

· Recognizes whether the target audience of your product or service is satisfied with what has been offered;

· Has a clearer understanding of frequent views on brand image;

· Gets feedback on products or services;

· Analyzes ways to attract new customers, among others.

How to Implement a Satisfaction Survey in Your 1 Company

These results, absolutely fundamental for the growth of any business, also allow the company to put into practice an adequate customer loyalty program. Such a strategy is of great validity, especially in a competitive market such as the current one.

This satisfaction survey is usually done through a questionnaire or form to be answered by your clients. Its elaboration should be done, with the objective of obtaining clear data for analysis, comparison and consolidation. Each of these steps directly influence the market strategies that will be adopted by the company.

Here are some tips for starting your own satisfaction survey:

1. Knowledge about the target market and audience

Delimitation is the key word. This means that: you have to restrict it, both geographically and demographically. The marketing area tends to focus on what is conventionally called "best customers", that is, the most usual. Thus, it is possible to track where the company is successful. In addition, in order to understand where the fragile points of the business lie, the cases of customers who have just made a purchase, who complained, or left their "shopping carts" aside, without converting the sale, should be analyzed;

2. Metric

Kind of loyalty meter and customer satisfaction. The most commonly used is the Net Promoter Score, which uses a scale of 11 topics, identifying all the positives and negatives in a simple and objective way. It separates the consumer into three sets: passive, detractors and promoters;

3. Template for creation

Every model is created to serve as a basis for your proposal. So, this kind of support should be sought only as "inspiration" to create your own items, focusing on your business proposal and needs. The internet has a lot of material for this purpose, which is of great help to any entrepreneur. In general, there are four basic blocks in a satisfying satisfaction survey:

· Quality - consumer perception of your business. This is the moment to comment on the experience lived by the client, in his acquisition;

· Value - judgment of the cost-benefit ratio of the company's offers;

· Expectation - how the customer evaluates that the company has acted to match its expectations of consumption and service;

· Satisfaction - check what level of customer satisfaction. It is important, in this section, to unravel in various categories - such as design, packaging, delivery, price, quality, service, among others - for even more complete results;

4. Simplicity and conciseness

The simpler your questionnaire, the more likely it is that more customers will respond to it completely. With simple language, short questions, divided evenly, will reduce, to the maximum extent, the ability of clients to leave the assessment;

How to Implement a Satisfaction Survey in Your 2 Company

5. Give feedback

From time to time, it is imperative that the company expresses how it makes use of the results of these surveys, in order to value the participation of customers. It should also state what your actions will be to improve service.

All this will serve to retain the usual customers and, in addition, create a kind of positive advertising for the company. Certainly, one of the results of this process will be the attraction of new slices of public, in general, lacking good service.

Excel Spreadsheets


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