Employee Development Plan: What It Is and How To Create

Employee Development Plan - Human Resources
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The most important asset for companies today is human capital. Several researches point out that developing your employees is the best way to increase the value of the company. This is why there are several initiatives in Human Resources to decrease the employee turnover and develop them within the organization.

What is an Employee Development Plan?

It is the set of actions of Human Resources that the company will execute during the year to develop the skills, knowledge and skills of its employees. In the Development Plan will be described all the initiatives as: training, periodicity of evaluations and the budget for each of these stages.

There is no time frame for future planning. It may be just for this year, and for the next 3 years, the most important thing is to leave everything planned and planned, including financial allocations. One suggestion of ours is to do this planning every beginning of the year.

What are the main steps for an Employee Development Plan?

Employee Development Plan: What It Is and How to Create 1

We can make an Employee Development Plan in three simple steps.

  1. Pre Planning
  2. Training Planning
  3. Performance Assessment Schedule

1. Pre Planning

Before making any kind of planning it is important to have the right inputs to be able to analyze and make decisions based on data and not on the whimsy. To understand what to develop in your company you need to take a step back and see what in fact needs to be developed.

There are some HR tools that can help in this step as the Performance Evaluation by Competencies.

Training Planning

After you do the Performance Evaluation of your employees and find out what needs to be potentialized and developed, it's time to plan the trainings. When thinking about training, it's important to have two things in mind:

Financial Budgeting

The first is your financial budget. There are two ways you can reach the final amount in fact.

In a way you will structure the entire schedule of necessary trainings, budget price for all and provision it in the company budget.

The second way is to already have a provisioned budget and think about the training schedule from the company budget.

Although the first mode is ideal, I know it is not the reality of many companies, so it is important to make it clear that there is no right or wrong way. The important thing is to make provision for a training value for your employees.

Training Time

Many trainings will occur during the work day and this can end up decreasing the productivity of the business as a whole. That is why it is important to always understand at what times of the planned period the training should take place.

Some companies choose to have their employees take courses online rather than face-to-face, aiming at just that time impact. He can take the course at home or at some idle work time, for example.

2. Training Planning

With Budget and Time available, it is time to record what training will be done. After all, there is no point in planning if it is not possible to execute and control the execution later.

The first record that must be made is the students' own: Name, contact, function and area within the company are some of the interesting data to have registered.

Employee Development Plan: What It Is and How to Create 2

The second important record to be made is the listing of courses. In this listing, some data that can be registered are: Training Name, Date, Location and, if you wish, you can register a responsible person and the area that will be trained.

Employee Development Plan: What It Is and How to Create 3

This type of control and registration of your data will help to follow all the trainings carried out during the year, so it is important to register. After all, it is important to arrive at the end of the year knowing what has been done or not done in the planning.

Employee Development Plan: What It Is and How to Create 4

3. Performance Assessment Schedule

After taking all the steps to give more training to employees, it is important to make performance appraisals to see if team performance has improved.

Employee Development Plan: What It Is and How to Create 5

Ideally, you should do at least two performance appraisals during the year. If in the pre-planning you have already done one to identify the improvement points, do one after the training, more towards the end of the period and with most of the training done, to verify if there was, in fact, an improvement in the indicators .

Employee Development Plan: What It Is and How to Create 6

Finally: as with all planning, the Development Plan has to have a follow up to verify if the execution is being carried out. After all, it's worth nothing to plan but not take off the paper.

You can start making your Development Plan with the Performance Evaluation Worksheets and Training Control. Click the links to access them.

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