How To Make Your Career Planning

How To Make Your Career Planning
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With the beginning of the year, it is very common for us to stop to think about what we have achieved over the past year and what we would like to accomplish during this new year, is not it? Our famous "New Year's Resolutions". In the professional sphere, it is no different. Professionals who want to move into the market or stabilize a particular position need to keep in mind their career planning. Thinking about it, in this post, we will explain the concept of career planning, its importance and how to do it. Come on?

What is Career Planning?

A Career Planning is nothing more than organizing your career goals to move to new positions within the institution where you work or ascend professionally in the market as a whole. In short, career planning consists of defining the desired objectives and stipulating deadlines, goals and strategies to achieve them, taking into account their professional momentum and the job market in which they are inserted.

How important is Career Planning?

The importance of Career Planning refers to the personalization of the same to its objectives. In other words, by choosing to do a Career Planning, you will not need to fit into what the organization you work for or what the job market "chose" for you. By charting your goals and preparing to reach them, you will be exceeding expectations and conquering new opportunities, perhaps even becoming the owner of your own business because with a planning show that you are behind committed professional development, becoming a differential in the labor market.

Now that you have understood the concept and importance of conducting Career Planning, how about learning how to do it? So let's go!

How to do a Career Planning?

In order to set up a Career Planning, it is necessary, as we stated above, to take into account your goals. But what are these goals? We can divide them into three:

  •  Salary target

    In this item you will describe how much you want to earn (for example, $ 20.000,00) and how long (in this case, 5 years). Thereafter, you set semiannual goals to achieve the desired goal, as shown in the example below:

    How To Make Your Career Planning

  • Career Objectives

    In this item, in turn, you will stipulate your career goal, ie what you want to do, how you want to do it and where. For example: "I intend to open a company that acts in the field of education, and that it is a healthy environment and not tiring." As you can see, the goal here is to own the business itself, the type of business is the branch of education and whether you want to work in a healthy environment. To achieve this goal, strategies and goals need to be defined. But how?

    1) First, it is necessary to define what are the competencies necessary to achieve these objectives. In the example, we quote English and Fluent Spanish.

    2) Then, you need to point out your level in each desired competency and how much you need to reach.

    3) Lastly, you need to record what you need to do to achieve these skills and how much you want to start and finish them (and then when it actually started and ended).

  • Personal Objectives

    Lastly, you need to stipulate your personal goals. In this example, we have: "I want to be completely happy in my job and have time to get along with my family and my friends." As you can see, it is important that your career goals are consistent with your personal goals. And personal goals are critical to Career Planning because you need to be in balance to perform well.

    In this item it is also necessary to stipulate goals, as in this case:

    1) Create a work routine

    2) Spend every Sunday with the family

    3) Travel once a semester


    How To Make Your Career Planning

    And you follow semester to semester whether the stipulated goal has been completed or not.

    And you, have you started your Career Planning? Tell us your experience in the comments!

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