How to Leave Your Business Plan Ready

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Create a business plan involves defining most of the possible variables of a particular company. This involves strategic and broad decisions such as where to host the business and what the offers will be, going through more objective financial calculations such as investment in machines or even rent.

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How to make a business plan

Business Plan Sheet

The business plan generally follows a standard structure, although it may vary depending on the industry and the stage of the project. Some sections of the document are common to any type of business, and if you are structuring a plan for your business, we recommend that it contain at least the structure outlined below.

1) Business Model

The business model is a visual version of how the key parts of your business will relate.

marketing plan on business plan - business model

2) Marketing Plan

Do you have a cool product? Great. Now you must organize yourself to reach your customers and logically achieve the best conversion rate at the lowest cost! Search media, budget, and create your own marketing plan!

Business Plan: Step by Step to Create Your Own

3) Investment Plan

Another essential point is to survey the investments that would be the single financial expenditures that serve to build the business. Here you can enter land purchases, works and legalization of the business at first. In the long run, expansions or purchases of equipment, vehicles and more can also be foreseen.

Financial plan in the Business Plan - initial investments

4) Revenue Projection

Any new business should have expectation of healthy recipes that will form a final profit. It is important to have a tab to do the revenue projection exercise according to product lines or service categories over time.

marketing plan in the business plan - sales projection

5) Cost Projection

As well as revenues, you should have a tab, in the worksheet, to project the fixed and variable costs of the business over time. Along with revenues, these amounts will make up the expected final result of the planning your business operationally.

6) Result of Economic Viability

As a conclusion of the investment projections, revenues and costs, you should have the result of the economic viability of the business content the main indicators of attractiveness such as net present value, internal rate of return and payback.

Financial plan in Business Plan - financial result

7) Executive Summary

Finally, the basic element of any business plan, you should have the executive summary which is the grand summary of everything that has been elaborated in the previous steps and which helps anyone to understand the general assumptions of your business at one time

Business Plan Sheet

Do you need to structure a company? Leave yours business plan ready with our business plan sheet!

Excel Spreadsheets


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