Key Points of Attention in a Complex Selling Process

points of attention in complex sale
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By Juracy Abbondanza.

Points of attention are situations that occur during a complex selling process which may directly impact the result. The job of the seller is to identify and eliminate each one of them, otherwise he can have problems in the negotiation.

Points of attention are dynamic and can arise at any time. The seller has to be alert and take action before it is too late.

Key Points of Attention in a 1 Complex Selling Process

Making an analogy, it's the same reaction you get when you see a red flag, a triangle, or a cone in front of you on the road: you slow down, try to understand what's happening, and take what you think is the best decision to overcome the problem. You think about security and the guarantee of reaching your destination.

There are several points of attention in a complex sale. They are often repeated and can begin to be worked out soon in the definition of the sales strategy. But specific situations can also arise that will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

So the concentration must be total.

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In the most common role we have the lack of information

When working purchasing influences, the salesperson has to be aware of the power they have, must know each one, have all the information about them and be sure that they have correctly received the information he has passed.

The lack of information can lead to a decision made for lack of knowledge of a characteristic about your product / service that generated insecurity and the consequent non-closure.

lack of information

Another equally important point of attention is the "I think I have the information I need". The seller does not have to "find" anything, he has to seek the information in a structured and consistent way.

Worse than not having the information, and knowing that to go get them, is to think that you have everything you need and when you assemble the puzzle realize that some pieces do not fit. Whenever there is uncertainty about the information obtained, it is recommended that the seller stop and analyze the whole process in the search for points of attention that need some action. When you know you do not have the information the natural attitude is to go get it. When you "think" you have the tendency to stay in comfort zone and have problems in sequence.

Bases should be continually evaluated to identify any necessary adjustments so as not to lose control.

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Has there been reorganization in the company? Has anyone left?

This is a situation where the seller has no control, but if he is aware of the process he knows exactly what happens. Currently there is a great dynamics of day to day business and changes happen.

Cells are extinct, people are relocated, structures are shrunk and with this, often the buying influences can gain or lose relevance in relation to your trading. When realizing the change the seller must act fast and work the new people who will influence the selling process.

time replacement

Is there any influence of purchase in the company?

Hiring and firing happen and it is important that the seller is aware of these moves. When the relationship is direct, it is easier to identify and work with each new buying influence. However, a contract that at first would have nothing to do with the sale may have ascendancy over one or more purchasing influences and eventually change the course of the business.

Are all buying influences properly handled?

Identifying in corporations who occupies the role of influence of purchase is a mandatory task in any complex sale. From the moment they are identified they have to be worked, one by one, within their role.

That's where we have one more point of attention.

Working a buying influence is a continuous process, until the end of the negotiation, all must be monitored all the time not to lose control of the sale. A common mistake is the seller does not realize that the bases are not properly covered and then does not make the check continues. You will only realize that you have failed ahead, when there is no more time to recover the business.

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Is the allocation of funds for purchase unchanged?

One of the first tasks to be carried out in a sale, complex or not, is whether there is a budget for the purchase and how the payment will be made, whether own resources or financing, for example. During the purchase process there may be a change due to several factors and the seller has to identify the changes at the time they occur so that he has time to take action if necessary.

allocation of fundsFor example, the client would pay with his own funds, but he had to redirect the money to another investment and his negotiation will be paid with financing amounts from FINAME or BNDES. If the company is not qualified to make this type of transaction the seller will certainly have problems and the sooner this is identified the more time will have to enable the operation.

Is there any doubt about key issues in the negotiation?

The benefit that your product / service will bring to the corporation needs to be well presented to each of those involved in the approval. The seller has to make sure the caller has this very clear. So he must continually confirm how each influence, each in his area, is seeing the advantages and benefits to come.

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To close!

At the end of each day of work the seller has to ask himself the following questions:

  • Are all purchasing influences identified and worked on?
  • Are buying influences properly explained about the benefits my product / service will bring?
  • Are there unresolved points of attention?

In resolving these issues the seller will be striding towards closure!

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