7 Project Management Practices to Differentiate Your Civil Construction Company

project management in construction
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This article was written by LUZ columnist Vanessa Dias, a specialist in project management and works management.

Which company would not be happy to have a project completed successfully or, better yet, be recognized for succeeding in all of its projects? However, the civil construction scenario in Brazil is marked by delays in construction, budget holes, rework, among several other problems faced by the sector.

With that in mind, I have listed here the 7 project management so that your company stands out positively in the market.

1. Plan your project execution

Define activities, deadlines, costs and responsibilities. With well-planned planning you will gain time in decision making and can predict and remedy the major bottlenecks your project may face.

This is a document that will help the project manager know about the progress of the project. It is worth mentioning that all sectors must have access to it, so they can consult it whenever it is necessary.

In addition, with a well-planned planning, the project manager can identify the critical path of the project and pay attention to activities that can compromise the deadline.

Planning should be updated periodically and whenever necessary, so that the manager can collect results and establish new goals.

Excel Project Management Worksheet

2. Conduct a project risk survey

Every type of project is subject to all risk. With this survey you can identify the main occurrences that can affect your project both positively and negatively.

The purpose of identifying such occurrences is to make it possible to enhance the positive risks and minimize the negative risks.

Create a risk matrix to process this survey, reviewing it periodically to evaluate changes in the order of possible risks, as well as the possibility of their occurrence.

3. Use management software

The use of software can optimize project management, regardless of the size of your project, allowing the manager to gather and analyze the information of the project and the progress of its execution faster, facilitating and streamlining the decision making.

In addition, with software, the manager can more easily check if a team member is overloaded or with a lot of downtime, so it is possible to delegate tasks to increase team production and performance.

4. Do not make room for noise. Communicate!

Efficient communication is one of the key processes for good project management. It is therefore important that the manager identifies where the main problems may be that could hinder communication with all parties involved in the project.

Regardless of the size of your project, it is worth mentioning that creating a communication plan is essential to establish rules and guidelines that guarantee clarity and quality in the exchange of information.

Excel Project Management Worksheet

5. Document everything

The whole project process must be documented from its inception. This documentation will guide you through the whole process and understand, for example, why some tasks are delayed, you can see what you can do to prevent this from happening again, and so on.

In addition, all records can serve as a basis for making the best decisions and learning from everything that has been done to apply and improve on a future project.

6. Ensure quality of service

It is true that the market demand has increased in relation to the quality offered by the companies, to ensure that your project went according to what was defined, follow all the steps.

Seek the highest possible quality by controlling the execution and measuring through service check sheets, in this way you will be able to measure the production of your team and how the service is running.

It is worth mentioning that, using the service check sheets, in addition to ensuring that the service is delivered according to the norms and requirements of the project, you will be able to avoid the famous rework that generates delay and cost to work.

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7. Formalize the opening and closing of your project

At the start of the project it is important that everyone involved becomes aware of what will be developed and is aware that the project has actually started. For this, it is necessary to hold a Kick-Off meeting of the project, which everyone who will have participation in the project must participate, especially the managers and leaders. This initial meeting serves to align the expectations of all those involved in the project and eliminate any doubts.

It is important to formalize the project closure to indicate to all stakeholders, including the client, that the project is officially finalized. At this meeting, you will be able to obtain and provide feedback on the project, analyze the lessons learned (what worked and what did not work during the project), raise what can be improved and apply the so-called "Improvement continuous "in their processes.

Applying these practices and maintaining the process of continuous improvement your company will follow
a great way for your projects to meet the requirements of the client.

"Management is to replace muscles by thoughts, folklore and superstition by knowledge, and strength by cooperation"
Peter Drucker

Excel Project Management Worksheet

Excel Spreadsheets


  1. Absolutely! Especially to the number 7. With contracts, invoices, blueprints, and more, it can be hard to keep track of all the necessary documents in a construction project. Because construction projects are so large and involve complex information, organizing is key to staying on schedule.


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