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Does your company have an excellent product or service, a very good marketing strategy and yet sales are down? It is quite possible that the fault is in your commercial proposal, that is, when it comes to showing your prospect what he is hiring and how much he will have to pay for his company.

In this text we will show you that the commercial proposal is as important as a fair price, a special service and a complete portfolio.

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Tips for Preparing an Attractive Business Proposal

1. Commercial proposal replacing a contract

A business proposal can replace a contract in small deals, which will save you and your client time and money, provided you put all the data regarding the term and payment terms into it.

2. Be creative

Show other solutions to your prospective buyer. If he has looked for your company for a specific service or product, put in the commercial proposal other packages that may interest you.

3. Fewer "technicians"

Many proposals are rejected because the client did not understand what was described. Be as clear and simple as possible, but be careful not to miss information.

4. Payment and Term

Make clear the form of payment and the deadline for completing the service or delivery of the product. This will lessen the chance of misunderstandings.

5. Contact

The customer approved, what now? Is he going to call the general telephone number of the company where he can spend a lot of time waiting for assistance? Always put in your proposal a direct contact with the seller who is assisting you: cell phone, email, skype contact or hangout.

6. Call to action

Also known as "Call to action" or simply CTA, this great marketing tool - which is to stimulate the customer to perform a desired action - can make a lot of difference in your proposal. Try to add at the end of your proposal a command like: "Take advantage of the promotional conditions: now call (XX) 3000-000 and place your order!".

Did you like the tips? So it's time to practice, see how simple it is to make a commercial proposal using an excel spreadsheet.

Customer Prospecting Worksheet

How to use an excel spreadsheet to make your proposal

Here's how to use a Excel spreadsheet to set up an efficient commercial proposal.

To facilitate your work, during the follow up of your proposals, put all the data, updated, of your client.

commercial proposal - Discover how to make an efficient commercial proposal now

Now, fill in the specifications for each of the products and services that the customer ordered. The ideal is use clear language and with less technique.

commercial proposal - Discover how to make an efficient commercial proposal now

You can choose to two models of proposal; one simpler and one more elaborate and in both you can put the logo of your company, professionalizing your proposal.

commercial proposal - Discover how to make an efficient commercial proposal now

Ready! Now you can print or send to your potential customer and see the sales charts grow.

Always remember that, like any part of the sales process, the commercial proposal should be concerned with being clear, objective and fast, serving the client at the level of explanation and speed.

If you liked this post, be sure to check out our Commercial Proposal Ready Worksheet! Good luck in the negotiations!

Customer Prospecting Worksheet

Excel Spreadsheets


  1. All of this information, we really must pay attention to the content of the commercial proposal
    Due to the fact that for us as a company it is easy to understand for a potential potential customer it may be more difficult to understand
    Due to the manner in which we use it to describe our proposals, the best way to know that we are doing good things is to ask someone who does not have part of your company that you propose before you go out to the public, if this persona in the I want to say that it's time to change it or change it
    And if I do not want to say that our job is well done 🙂

  2. Hi Anne, thanks for the tips and beware of jabá in comments, it does not always look good for your company

  3. Great content! We really should pay close attention to the contents of the commercial proposal, which seems easy to understand to us, may not seem to our potential contractor, due to the technical terms and jargon we use to describe our solution. Ask someone, who does not work with what you do, read and ask what he understood. If he did not immediately understand what problem you solve and how you resolve, your business proposal is not legal.

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  4. Hi Rafael, how are you?

    I had already given a warning as moderator of the blog that we do not allow this kind of advertisement.

  5. Hi Rafael, unfortunately we do not allow advertising here on the blog, unless it is something that has a lot of synergy with the content of the post, which is not the case here,


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