Do breakfast meetings pay more?

Do breakfast meetings pay more?
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I was reading an article about an American businessman who claims to be breakfast the best time for a business meeting.

They are called Coffee Office which combine the "most important meal of the day" with the most productive time, when people are more relaxed and still not under pressure from the offices and the tasks that often bog down the tables.

I've been thinking about it and somehow I agree, this is a more creative option than having business lunches and dinners, and the fact that breakfasts bring a more familiar connotation of interaction between friends.

Another advantage is that with this crazy traffic and the different roles that we assume throughout the day, meetings in the first hour are more efficient and do not disturb the agenda of the day, remembering that productive work requires focus.

How to Organize a Coffee Office

• Morning meetings are brief and focused on goals, so there is time to start and end, and this should be very well defined with the participants.
• With a fresh head, decision-making tends to be faster and more efficient, with all the information at hand.
• The choice of place for your meeting is important, remember that in the morning we also have traffic, prefer a place accessible to all.
• Large tables and quality Internet can not be overlooked
• A light menu with quality coffee, fruit salads, juices, teas, fresh buns, homemade cakes, cheeses and different pates are a good choice. Surely they bring back memories of the cafes with the family and what we want is interaction, correct?
• Be concerned about knowing preferences and possible food intolerances of your guests, this shows attention and care.

But how do I know if my meeting fits the Coffee Office?

I went to research on the subject and found a book that deserves to be read carefully, it is called Not only Marketing... Posture and behavior in the corporate world by Roberto Teixeira da Costa and Susanna Sancovsky, which deals with behavior in the world of businessmen telling real and very interesting cases.

In the chapter dealing with Meetings, among other things he cites curiosities such as "in Brazil these coffee office meetings are usually marked from the 8hs. In Japan nothing happens before the 9hs, in Russia everything starts at 10hs and in New York the "power breakfasts" begin at 7: 30hs.

It also comments on the issues to be addressed and the most appropriate times to house one of them, as discussed above, breakfast meetings are best suited for targeted meetings, timely issues and product launches.

Lunches are ideal for tightening relationships and not even thinking about making time for a business lunch, it can take much longer than you realize, clogging up your day. Recommended to stay away from alcoholic drinks so as not to spend the afternoon sleepy and unfocused.

Drinks with your customers, although not very usual, are ideal for those who have full schedules or when traveling, having a drink in the hotel makes better use of time, combining work and leisure.

Already the business dinner is very nice when it receives people from outside, we offer company and of break we can present the local gastronomy. But be informal, business dinner is a social gathering to strengthen relationships. Alcoholic beverages are allowed as long as they respect the limits.

Food and the right place for a good deal

Coffee in the bakery is a delight, but nothing to do with our Coffee Office, we need a pleasant environment, conducive to good conversation, information exchange and privacy.

Here in Sao Paulo there are already tea and coffee houses that specialize in business meetings in the morning, let us know. Food is as important a factor as the issues to be addressed and healthy foods are on the agenda, it is already known that food and health go hand in hand.

Good meeting.
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