Social Selling: how this strategy is able to win more customers for your company

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Much is said about the usefulness of social networks in communicating with customers. It is increasingly important to note that the SOCIAL MEDIA it is also ideal for closing deals. This is the so-called social selling.

The evolution of social networks shows that people are looking for much more than interacting with friends on these platforms.

Platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook provide tools for users to find out about brands and products that interest them.

It is important to note that the social selling does not have the same characteristics as the common sale.

The focus is on using interactions to get closer to consumers, and then making interesting offers.

So keep reading to learn more about the social selling, its importance, application methods, metrics and actions to increase sales on social networks.

Defining social selling

social selling it is the process of interacting with potential customers with the objective of making sales.

This technique is ideal for making lead move along the sales funnel, analyze competitors and search for accounts, among other benefits.

The key point is to approach the profiles most likely to close a deal with your company and offer relevant content to encourage them.

Treat social media as platforms for marketing digital of your company. In this way, your social selling will be more effective.

Why is social selling important?

Suppose your business has a website with regular visitors. The conversion rate is relatively high and a considerable portion of people have become regular customers.

In this case, is investing in sales through social networks necessary? Yes. First of all, we must not forget that the sales process is, in short, a social interaction.

There is a person looking for a viable solution to your problem and there is a person who is selling that solution. O social selling it's perfect for joining them together in a sales-friendly environment, such as social media.

Second, companies need to be seen on the web. Sometimes, maintaining a website is not enough. A Twitter profile is very suitable for reaching more people in less time.

Third, building a lasting relationship with customers is a special process.

O social selling it contributes to this construction insofar as it identifies customers' needs and communicates with them as equals.

Therefore, inserting this strategy in your marketing plan is a fundamental addition to the business.

How to apply social selling?

Knowing the definition and benefits of this sales method, read now on ways to apply it to your business.

Check out the topics below for 4 methods of applying social selling.

Align online presence with the brand

Those responsible for your brand's social networks are her invisible representatives. Therefore, it is essential to align the company's objectives with online approaches.

When investing in a humanized approach, that is, in contacts that take into account the needs and preferences of customers, be sure that these approaches reflect the company's positioning.

Integrate marketing and sales

For a strategy of Instagram Ads To work, marketing and sales departments need to be in tune.

Salespeople need access to customer information leads to provide the best service, taking into account your position in the funnel and your needs.

Without this direct communication, strategies will not have the desired effect.

Invest in digital marketing

The construction of a company's credibility involves the transmission of relevant content to customers.

Feeding your blog and profiles with informative posts conveys confidence and contributes to making your brand stand out on the web.

Analyze the consumption habits of your customer base to define in which format to invest. It is possible to produce content in:

  • Video;
  • Audio;
  • Text;
  • Webinars.

Choose those that best suit your clientele.

Stay tuned for metrics

An important advantage of social networks is the large number of metrics available.

Information such as number of likes, shares and visits are ways to measure the impact of your strategies.

If you have a website about digital marketing and realized that the post about as announce No. Google ads had a spike in shares, it is a sign that this type of content is successful among its customers.

Therefore, guide your production according to this data to ensure continued relevance.

Final considerations

As you can see, the social selling counts on a series of techniques and variables. Therefore, its application does not always result in quick results.

It is a continuous work that requires knowledge and competence. Don't save resources on training your team. Know exactly as Facebook Ads works, for example, opens doors to new opportunities.

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