How the role of project managers changes in different fields

How the role of project managers changes in different fields
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A project manager learns many concepts on how to plan, manage tasks and divide the work among the team members while working on a project. These topics are covered in the course for project managers and are followed by many of them since that is the method to complete a task. But, project managers are now not hired just for technical projects. They are also hired in the field of marketing, sales, entertainment, design and many such innovative fields. Here, creativity is involved in terms of what way you project your thoughts effectively to the audience.

The creative project manager should be aware of the team and their way of working. The team and the manager should be bonded on a closer level to work freely. It is not just about putting your ideas and getting the team to execute it. Instead of different ideas from the team may give you a new approach for a better and creative product or design or any plan. This is a huge step as the project managers have to take care of the work as well as of the team members.

The role of a Creative Project Manager:

  1. Guiding: The project manager defines the scope of the project. He/she assigns the tasks to each member and sets the deadline for their work. The complete details of the execution of the project are discussed.
  2. Requirements: The resources required by the team is taken care of by the manager. The project necessities, which are required or not required are discussed and finalized by the manager after a discussion with the team.
  3. Interaction between stakeholders: The project manager ensures that clear information is provided to each and everyone that is connected to the project. He/she also takes care that there is no communication gap between the team members otherwise it can lead to a lack in project necessities.

In the field of marketing and sales oriented companies, many other qualities along with the soft skills are required to transform a good creative project manager into a better one. Project Managers are expected to have few social skills like better communication, connectivity with the team, self-awareness to generate innovative ideas and increase the productivity of the team as well as the projects.

  • Being understanding:
    Reaching a goal or achieving the requirements is not the only point of focus for a team manager. The project managers should also be approachable, understanding and should take care of the team members. The team members should feel open enough with the manager to be able to communicate and form a good connection.
  • Communication:
    With the manager being communicative, it is easier for him/her to bond with the members of the team. Communication here does not mean just having a word or two with the team during meetings or sessions. Communication in the sense, having a regular talk with them about their work, discussing general topics and also appreciating them for their work.
  • Open to changes:
    New methods keep on arising everyday which can give much more effective results. Although you may be experienced, there are many effective methods which can be used to perform a task and you may not be aware of those ways. Hence, be open to changes from members of the team.
  • Critical Thinking:
    A creative project manager puts the extra thoughts on a project by deciding the objectives, scope of the project and also defining the role of each member. The outcome is also observed by the managers and changes are inserted accordingly to execute effectively.
  • Motivation:
    The complete team should be on the same level of excitement as the manager to be able to complete the project successfully. The manager motivates the team and appreciates their work to keep them interested and motivated. Acknowledging their work makes them feel significant and gives them the zeal to work better.
  • Mantaining focus:
    Every project goes through many interruptions and block points that slows the speed of execution of the project. The creative project manager has to maintain the focus throughout the project to overcome those obstacles. If the manager is unable to focus or is not determined enough then the project may not be successful.

Being a creative project manager is not easy and needs a lot of determination. There is a lot of stress that comes while dealing with the projects. The manager should be able to pass through all the stress and maintain a stable attitude in any kind of situation.

Following the methodology to achieve a result is common, but what more effort you put into it is what makes your work better. The team being the main resource, has to be maintained and looked after by the manager. The manager should also be able to keep the team together and make each member feel significant. Having the above qualities are stepping stones to become a better creative project manager.

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