Why do the execution planning of my work?

Why do the execution planning of my work?
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By Vanessa Dias.

The planning stage is indispensable for anyone who thinks about the success of their project, whatever the nature it may be.

With well-planned planning the manager will have a guide to avoid mistakes and re-jobs at the time of execution, increase their bargaining power in the purchase of materials and still gain time in decision making.

The main objective of the works planning is to predict the risks, nonconformities and impacts both positive and negative that could affect those involved in the construction project.

There is no magic formula for planning, however it is important to know what steps will be involved in the entire construction process. Without this, the planner will not be able to correctly visualize the resources and actions required to perform each activity.

The planning professional will prepare a series of studies and calculations to evaluate the most profitable circumstances for the execution of the enterprise. In addition, it will scale deadlines and set up schedules to meet the expected cost of the project.

With a well-planned planning the execution time of the work can be smaller and with less rework, besides guaranteeing more quality due to the lower error rate during construction.

Knowing each step to be performed, the manager will find it easy to visualize the construction in general, attending to the execution in a systematic way and distributing the team as the service fronts are being released, without skipping steps and preventing one team from interfering in the service of the other in a negative way.

In addition, with a schedule set up according to the reality of the work and the company, the bargaining power over the purchase of construction inputs will be greater due to the manager's knowledge of the need for each step that the construction is taking.

In this way, it will be easier to negotiate prices and deliveries as estimated and as required by the activities developed.

For the manager, the preparation of the works planning contributes to the identification of the critical path and this one can give attention to the activities that can compromise the term of the work. In addition to previewing the steps for final delivery, you can also make decisions more quickly and assertively so that they do not interfere or even minimize bottlenecks encountered during execution.

So, knowing all this, what really composes the planning of works?

Planning is based on the idea that it is a document with the guidelines and guidelines necessary for the execution of the work. This document focuses on the reduction of rework and waste of both time and resources, aiding in decision making in case of unforeseen events.

The feasibility study is part of the works planning, where it is possible to verify and analyze whether the enterprise will bring profits or losses to the construction company; the budget of works, this must be well elaborated, because with an incomplete budget, the company runs the risk of great loss and is forced to stop the work due to lack of money; project risk assessment, every project is subject to risks and identifying them is the best way to combat them, the function of this survey is to maximize the positive risks and minimize the negatives; execution schedule, this document will serve as a guide for the steps of the execution of the work.

Finally, the planning of works must be done so that the company obtains better results! No matter what the size of the project, the ideal is to define a period to study it and set up the execution strategy, thus guaranteeing more quality for the enterprise, reducing waste, reducing cost and, consequently, increasing profit.

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