School management: what it is and how to put together a good strategy

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For a school to function properly, there needs to be school management of
quality. Find out what school management is and how to put together a good strategy for your

Every school is a company: to function properly, it is necessary to invest resources and, in the case of private institutions, make a profit. However, in addition to financial results, a school is capable of directly impacting society, which justifies the need to good school management.

School management takes into account aspects ranging from the curriculum to finance. Thus, understanding what school management is and how to build a good strategy can make all the difference to the vitality of an institution.

What is school management?

School management is the routine administration of an educational institution. Whoever works in the management of a school needs to ensure that the unit has the necessary conditions to carry out its activity, with quality.

School management is formed by areas that are complementary, since a school is composed of several sectors. In addition, management must be ready to deal with and adapt to changes in teaching formats, such as the insertion of technology in the classroom.

School management: what it is and how to put together a good strategy 1
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No wonder, the automation in school management it has been increasingly discussed by managers, teachers, parents and students. Complete tools already exist, capable of optimizing educators' time by allowing systems to perform bureaucratic tasks.
Understanding and applying technologies that are beneficial to the functioning of the school is an increasingly important role in school management.

Aspects that make up school management

In addition to the technological issue, school management takes into account other aspects, which are only relevant for the teaching area.

These aspects are known as the 6 pillars of School Management, being: management
pedagogical, administrative management, financial management, people management,
communication, time management and process efficiency.

Pedagogical management, for example, carries out content planning and methods of
learning, relating directly to the teaching of students. This is where we analyze
what are the parameters that the school will use in the teaching methodology.

In times of coronavirus, that there is a concern about children's emotionality in the “new
normal ”, schools still need to consider, in the pedagogical management, the health care of students when planning activities.

School management: what it is and how to put together a good strategy 2
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Administrative and financial management is directly related to the functioning of the institution,
its profitability and the investments that need to be made to keep it up and running. Good management in these aspects will impact all other areas.

Na people management, the focus is on those involved in the school's functioning process.
Teachers, managers and all other professionals are in this area. Management of
communication does the school's advertising planning.

Finally, time management and process efficiency is one that allows you to understand which
functions can be automated, so that the time of professionals is optimized, according to
so that the focus is on what really matters.

How to build an institution's strategy

When drawing up a school's strategy, it is necessary that the manager has the so-called 360 ° view. In other words, it means looking carefully at all aspects of an educational institution, creating a planning set.

Knowing the pillars of school management, this phase will certainly be simpler. However,
there are some guidelines that can help you to put together the strategy of the institution of
teaching. Check it out below.

Current school functioning

When analyzing the management of the 6 main areas of the school, you will already have a good view of how the institution is working at the moment. Understanding the current state allows you to understand
where to direct your efforts.

List the difficulties of each management area

As much as the manager has the vision of the whole, hardly a single person will be responsible for people management, administrative, pedagogical and the like. Therefore, talk to the professionals so that they help list the difficulties in each area.

List area and school objectives

This is also the time to set goals for each school management area. When uniting the objectives of the 6 areas, there must be consistency with the main purpose of the institution.

Measure objectives and track evolution

Having goals without measuring them may not give a real picture of the school's situation. Therefore,
each objective must have a deadline to happen and be very clear. Month by month, follow up
evolution of the goals, making adjustments whenever necessary.

This is a process that is constantly repeated and that changes according to the objectives already achieved. Thus, school management must always be ready to analyze and develop a new strategy, according to its current results, to go even further.

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