Start Excel 10 Reasons to Learn Excel

10 Reasons to Learn Excel

10 Reasons to Learn Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet editor developed by Microsoft for computers that use Windows as the operating system. Aside from being used as a spreadsheet, there are many other things Excel can do for you. See 10 reasons to learn Excel and use it in your day to day life.

Advantages of learning Excel

Excel spreadsheets are effective for managing, sharing and analyzing data, and help professionals create tables and graphs of data. It has the ability to add, subtract, divide and multiply numbers automatically, without having to use the calculator, using simple formulas, which allows to calculate a large database in a unique and fast way.

These are just a few of the many things Excel can do. It is possible to take full advantage of this tool. Here's what more Excel can do for you:

1) Excel is very useful for financial companies

For those who work with finances, Excel is very useful as spreadsheet and calculation system. This is just one of the many capabilities of the Software. There are numerous other functions included in this tool.

2) Decreases Course and Training Costs

Because it is already widely used worldwide, it is easier to train employees to use it. Other systems are more complex and require more time for training.

3) Make time with Excel

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Every business knows what their most valuable asset is time. By using Excel in problem solving, your work can be automated, saving many hours of repetitive tasks.

4) Excel will not be extinguished, as many say

Many think that by the existence of other Softwares, Excel will be extinguished. On the contrary, it will remain for a long time, since large companies can not make a platform transition to transfer already established data. Also, there is no other software up to date than Excel does.

5) The Best System for Customer Management

Large companies over the years have spent a lot on CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERPs (Integrated Enterprise Management System) as well as database in order to cater to customers in the best possible way, and in an organized manner. With the use of Excel, it is possible to collect data, analyze them and present conclusions for managers to make decisions. With Excel you can use it to extract information and create reports.

6) It has analytical notepad

You can draw concepts and ideas after doing a good analysis using Excel, especially in the matter of finances, budgets and reports in general.

7) Add Value to Networking

Networking is an essential factor to succeed in any career or venture. Many have stood out and succeeded in building great deals just by having knowledge of Excel VBA, where it is possible to create macros and automate repetitive tasks.

8) The more skilled you are at Excel, the greater your ability to "sell" your skills

When attempting a hiring, do not put on your resume that you just know Excel. Tell which specific functions of this tool you have ability. Some of them are: Dashboards, PROCV, Macros, VBA, conditional formatting, graphics, filters, among others. In this way, you add value to your knowledge for your future employer.

9) Excel can be converted into a webpage

Another advantage of Excel is that you can easily convert information from a spreadsheet to a web page. Using it in conjunction with Microsoft Publisher, you can integrate into a web page, and share them with other people or companies remotely, reducing a lot of work.

10) Excel Sheets are Portable

Worksheets made with Excel are lightweight and can be easily stored and sent by emails, pen drives, cell phones, etc. If you need to use Excel on someone else's computer, client or Lan House, it will not be a problem, since every Windows has Excel in its software package.

Excel has a range of functions very useful for those who want or already work in midsize and large companies. Therefore, learning Excel or improving its use is not old-fashioned, but necessary for the development of any career, increasing job opportunities.

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  1. In your topic:
    10) Excel has a range of very useful functions for you.

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  2. I love Excel! in my work never took it as a useful tool, but when I started to automate everything in a worksheet were: "Caraaaaamba" KKKKKKKK

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