Ebook: 10 Ways to Make Your Excels Most Beautiful and Practical in Excel

Excel Spreadsheets

We already work with business spreadsheets for Excel a few years ago. During all this time, we have had the opportunity to see thousands of spreadsheets developed by professionals who had a lot of Excel, amateurs who had some notion and people who had no intimacy with the program.

Invariably, even those who know how to do Excel end up being sloppy with the visual part of the spreadsheet, making the interaction and use of it much more complicated than it should be. See a testimonial (help request) found on the internet:

Ugly Spreadsheet Testimonial

If you also want to make your spreadsheets look good, check out our new Free Ebook:

(Make worksheets much more beautiful and easy to use with it, just click on the image and download

Ebook: 10 Ways to Make Your Worksheets More Expensive and Practical in Excel 1

Stop making spreadsheets like this:

3 Ugly Spreadsheet

or like this:

1 Ugly Spreadsheet

To make spreadsheets like this:

recommend 1

This is not a joke, this is a spreadsheet (our SWOT Analysis spreadsheet), made in Excel. Only we apply all the techniques of Ebook to make her super beautiful and practical to use! See our other worksheet where we apply these tips:

8 - graphics

See how you can improve (and much) the look of your spreadsheet? Just follow these

See the detailed tips that you will find in the Ebook:

  1. How to freeze panels (and avoid losing sight of your headers)
  2. Take out gridlines (to make your worksheet cleaner)
  3. Stir in columns and rows (avoid spending space on unnecessary things)
  4. Working edges (to have a well organized and presentable worksheet)
  5. Conditional Formatting (to highlight more important values, show variations between months)
  6. Lock up important cells (just let it be possible to tinker with what has to be filled)
  7. Adjust cell formatting (to have the right values ​​in the right boxes: currency,%, etc)
  8. Data Validation (to work with drop-down lists and filters)
  9. Navigability / Usability (using hyperlinked menu for other tabs)
  10. Use of totals, subtotals (after all, doing calculations on the hand is not very smart)

Download the Ebook right now:

Ebook: 10 Ways to Make Your Worksheets More Expensive and Practical in Excel 1

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If you find the ebook useful, take the opportunity to share it with friends and prospective ones, I bet you have friends who use Excel :).

I would also love to hear your opinion on the ebook, just comment here below!

Excel Spreadsheets


  1. now it's ball show. Thanks for the feedback and attention to solve the problem. Congratulations on your work and success.

  2. Hi Marcos, can you try again? I tested it here and managed to download it normally, maybe you have tried without updating your browser or something similar

  3. Hi Marcos, we just corrected it here. If I can download again I think it will work perfectly. Any other mistake is just telling us. Thank you and sorry for any problems! =]

  4. Hi Marcos, this link is really in trouble, I'll see what it is and give you a return

  5. Hi Leonardo, this detail is obtained using edges with thick thickness and with white color

  6. Hello
    I would like to know how to insert this small space between cells without having to put a new cell in the medium of reduced size. This space leaves the worksheet very modern, but I do not know how to do it.

    The Ebook is this ball show!

    Thank you.

  7. Hi Israel, how are you?

    As you've noticed, the menu with hyperlinks is made up of geometric shapes. We simply change the color of the shape on the flap it is selected to give this selection impression

  8. Good morning,

    I really admire all the work of Blog Light and I am inspired by its spreadsheets to develop mine, I would like to know how you do to change the color of the geometric figure with hyperlink when it redirects the user to the target tab, I find this very interesting and I would like too much to learn. Thankful.

  9. Leandro, today I was able to download normally !!!
    Thanks for listening! I'm promoting your site too !!


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