3 Spreadsheets in Excel for Management

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Excel Spreadsheets

Although the overwhelming majority of companies use excel spreadsheets in managing their business, the truth is that they have typically been developed in an amateurish way. That is, they were solutions developed at the time by that colleague who knew a little more Excel.

Of course, this is part of day-to-day management and it is best to have something that partially helps solve the problem rather than having nothing. Apart from the fact that until the www.luz.vc there was no clear place for the acquisition of spreadsheets developed by professionals.

1) Cash Flow Worksheet

This is the first and foremost spreadsheet that all companies should have and that the quality of development makes all the difference. This is a spreadsheet that can range from the most basic of recording financial entries and exits, through the vision of competencies (statement of income for the year) to something more elaborated with chart of accounts and also cost center!

New Releases - Cash Flow

2) Strategic Planning Worksheet

The second worksheet that most companies would benefit from using is strategic planning. This is a process that should be done periodically as central to defining the company's main initiatives and creating a plan of action. In this scenario, a well structured spreadsheet within the Balanced Scorecard assumptions greatly facilitates the implementation of ideas.


3) Employee Master Worksheet

The last spreadsheet is employee registration. This is usually one of the company's most complex processes that can not be left out of control. To keep your accounts current, a good employee registration worksheet will give you the information you need quickly and reliably!

41 Employee Master Data Sheet

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Excel Spreadsheets



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