5 Sales Area Sheets

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In this article we will present some of the sales LIGHT. They will be very important in every step of a company's sales funnel: planning, prospecting, negotiation, control, after-sales, and CRM. If you want to professionalize all your marketing and sales management with a simple, effective and light tool, be sure to get to know our Sales Spreadsheet.

5 Sales Area Sheets

Let's present below our 5 spreadsheets linked to sales. Are they:

  • Marketing Plan Worksheet - will help you do your planning and identify the channels where your audience is.
  • Customer Prospecting Worksheet - will help in the control of negotiations and mapping of contacts more and less hot.
  • Sales Spreadsheet - will store all the information of orders and clients, analyze the most profitable and make decisions.
  • Customer Master Data Sheet (CRM) - a true database of your customers' information.
  • Sales Goal Control Worksheet - will help you control your goals and enable you to see who is contributing the most to them.

1. Marketing Plan Worksheet

This Worksheet will assist you in setting a marketing goal and tracking the results of the key channels where your audience will be. You can also fill in a calendar of actions on the major media used to advertise your brand and make decisions over graphs and automatic reviews.

2. Customer Prospecting Worksheet

In this worksheet, you'll be able to control all your business negotiations in one place. You will also access all of the prospect data and analyze the potential profitability of each and see what stage each deal is in. The worksheet will provide you with indicators per product / service, per prospect, by region, and will allow you to track your goals.

3. Sales Spreadsheet

Get the information of all your orders in the same place and see your best customers, products or services and regions. Also control your goals and commissions and make decisions with automatic analysis and graphing.

4. Customer Master Data Sheet (CRM)

Ideal for those who want to map profitable customer profiles with two objectives: 1) find prospects with the same profile; 2) reward them with marketing campaigns, special discounts and other after-sales actions to turn them into lawyers of their brand. The spreadsheet consists of a true customer database and its features and allows you to segment your list from various conditions.

5. Sales Goal Tracking Worksheet

Sales Goals

In this worksheet you will be able to define your sales goals month by month and control them in several different ways: by product / service nature, by salesperson of your sales team, by geographic region and by customer. Then visualize graphs with their evolution in each dimension compared to the expected goal.

Package with 4 Sales Spreadsheets

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Excel Spreadsheets


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