Legal Spreadsheets: Understand Why They Are Essential

Legal Spreadsheets: Understand Why They Are Essential
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The life of a lawyer or legal professional is full of deadlines, information and meetings. So he needs the help of legal worksheets to be able to fulfill all the commitments without fail.

For a newly graduated bachelor or even an experienced lawyer, it can be a bit difficult to deal with all deadlines for legal procedures, client meetings and magistrates, and other personal commitments.

There are so many things to do and so many dates that the professional can get a little lost. To help you, he needs a good legal manager.

Excel Spreadsheets

In this article, we'll talk about legal worksheets and how they can solve this problem in your career. Read on to learn more!

What are legal worksheets?

The legal worksheets are digital tools created to assist the management for lawyers, not only in the financial part, but also legal and personal agenda.

There are many different types of spreadsheets, from specific to certain tasks (for example, to control the timing of proceedings opened by the lawyer) to more generalists, who take care of all the professional's commitments.

In addition to being differentiated by functions, these applications for lawyers also vary according to their own construction and sophistication.

You can find, for example, extremely sophisticated legal software to help with these tasks, but there is also the possibility of solving some questions with a simple spreadsheet in Excel.

The ideal, of course, is to opt for the option that is more sophisticated and with more functions. However, the important thing is to have a digital aid that fits in your pocket and that supra your demand.

An excellent option is to Judicial Process Control Worksheet, which assists in the monitoring of the amount, amounts, fees and conclusion of legal processes for law firms, thus optimizing the management of the business.

Legal Spreadsheets: Understand Why They Are Essential

What are the advantages of using them?

It is not every legal professional who counts on the help of a program for lawyers. Many are afraid to join technology solutions to optimize their work, especially the more experienced.

However, there are several advantages to using these legal sheets. Want to know what they are? Then see a few below!

They help to organize the work

The first big advantage of using a system for lawyers is that the work done gets more organized. Anyone who works in a legal office knows not only the importance of the organization, but also how difficult it is to achieve in that environment.

There are dozens of specific legal procedures, documents such as Habeas Corpus or petitions, deadlines for certain stages of the proceedings and many, many clients.

Without a little organization it is easy to miss deadlines or documents, confuse situations and let pass some important information.

Legal worksheets help organize all this material to ensure that nothing is lost and the lawyer's work is done in a way that is most satisfying to him and his clients.

In addition to organizing the work of the lawyer, the worksheets still help to leave the client portfolio in order, with contact information and basic information about each client in the office.

Increase the quality of work

The quality of the work performed by the lawyer also increases with the use of legal worksheets, especially in two points: the agility of the service and its effectiveness.

Firstly, a lawyer who relies on legal management software can work more efficiently to help his clients in their cases.

There is the possibility, for example, of such a program capturing the new information regarding processes involving the lawyer automatically. So it gets the updates pretty much in real time and can act faster.

Second, the legal worksheets help to organize and file information on each case. Thus, the lawyer can take 30 or 40 minutes before an audience to update themselves with those data and have everything fresh in their head when they need it.

Improve management for lawyers

In addition to legal issues, an attorney also needs to deal with various administrative processes within his or her office, especially if it works on its own.

This means controlling the expenses of the office (with work materials, accounts, employee salaries, etc.), revenues (customer payments) and other financial transactions inherent in the profession.

Spreadsheets, if they are produced with financial control, help facilitate this work for the professional.

Using simple operations and well-defined rules, the worksheets can tell who has already paid or is not yet paid, which accounts are to be paid (on what day), and what cash flow from office.

Thus, it is easy to deal with the financial part and more time to focus on legal issues, increasing the productivity of the lawyer.

Facilitate process control

If a lawyer takes care of, say, 7 processes at the same time, he will have a very hectic routine.

Each of these cases will require different deadlines and determinations, either to appeal or to make final claims in a proceeding.

There are so many different things, that the professional can miss important deadlines for his client, which is always negative.

By using the worksheets, you can set the dates for each procedure and receive reminders to prepare the necessary documents or actions in a timely manner.

In this way, the worksheet assists in the control of the judicial processes of that office or professional.

Help suggest tasks for certain processes

Not every legal worksheet has this function, but some software rely on the use of Artificial Intelligence to suggest tasks or procedures within certain processes.

For example: Suppose a lawyer has worked on 15 inventory cases for the past 2 years, adding all the data and recording each procedure in those processes.

Of those 15, in 10 cases the process was resolved extrajudicially, with 3 different registries. One of the Notary Offices, hereinafter referred to as Office A, processed the documentation much more quickly than the others.

Then, by registering the 16 inventory case on that worksheet, if it has the use of Artificial Intelligence, you can automatically suggest the use of Office A for the out-of-court procedure of that case.

Thus, everyone wins on time and the procedure takes place more smoothly for all parties involved.

From what has been demonstrated, we have been able to perceive how the legal worksheets are important tools for the day-to-day work of a Law professional, whether a newly graduated bachelor, still seeking his place in the national legal sector, be a professional already experienced and with a portfolio established.

If you have worked with legal spreadsheets previously, leave a comment telling how was the experience for you!

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