Create a histogram in Excel

Create a histogram in Excel
Excel Spreadsheets

Through a histogram it is possible to graph a frequency distribution of a given measurement. Thus, you are able to understand determining process as well as to know more in depth the specific product batch by analyzing the variation of the same through the data collected in the Excel.

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Follow our step by step below and learn how to make a histogram in Excel!

How to create a histogram in Excel?

In this worksheet a histogram will be created that is related to the measures of certain products.

1 Step:

Create a histogram in Excel

First create three columns to fill in the product data: CODE (A1), LENGTH (MM) (B1) and MM WIDTH (C1).

In cells A2 to A11 fill in the product code.

  • In cell A2 type 1;
  • In cell A3 type 2;
  • In cell A4 type 3;
  • In cell A5 type 4;
  • In cell A6 type 5;
  • In cell A7 type 6;
  • In cell A8 type 7;
  • In cell A9 type 8;
  • In cell A10 type 9;
  • In cell A11 type 10;

Report Cells B2 to B11 the length of said products.

  • In cell B2 type 10;
  • In cell B3 type 10;
  • In cell B4 type 20;
  • In cell B5 type 30;
  • In cell B6 type 45;
  • In cell B7 type 45;
  • In cell B8 type 10;
  • In cell B9 type 20;
  • In cell B10 type 40;
  • In cell B11 type 50;

Finally, in the cells C2 to C11 please state the width of the said products.

  • In cell C2 type 5;
  • In cell C3 type 5;
  • In cell C4 type 7;
  • In cell C5 type 8;
  • In cell C6 type 9;
  • In cell C7 type 12;
  • In cell C8 type 10;
  • In cell C9 type 9;
  • In cell C10 type 8;
  • In cell C11 type 7;

2 Step:

Create a histogram in Excel

Within the same document you must click on Plan2 in order to work on an empty worksheet.

After that, insert in the cell A1 the INTERVAL column. In the present case the data represented in cells A2 to A7 determine the LENGTH of the analyzed products.

  • In cell A2 type 10;
  • In cell A3 type 20;
  • In cell A4 type 30;
  • In cell A5 type 40;
  • In cell A6 type 45;
  • In cell A7 type 50;

3 Step:

Create a histogram in Excel

Select the data and then go to the DATA and click DATA ANALYSIS.

4 Step:

Create a histogram in Excel

In the screen that opens you will select Histogram and click OK.

Em Input Range select cell data B1 to B11 da Plan1.

Em Block Interval select cell data A1 to A7 da Plan2.

Check the box Signs.

Select cell B1 da Plan2 em Output Range.

Please click Chart Result.

Click Ok.

5 Step:

histogram in excel

In the created graph select one of the bars and right-click the mouse. After clicking Format Data Series.

Em Spacing Width drag the little set until you are in 0%.

Click Close.

The histogram is ready!

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