Ebook: Cutting Paths in Excel with Shortcuts

Excel Spreadsheets

You should already know that we use Excel in our day to day, after all, we develop business spreadsheets. Now, what you should not know is how we use Excel in practice. Basically, we always look for ways to optimize and streamline our work and this speed passes through the use of shortcuts in a daily and constant way.

As we always want to universalize knowledge in Excel, nothing more fair than to pass to you, Excel user, all the tips we use!

If you spend more than 15 minutes a day with Excel, take a look at our new Free Ebook:

Stop wasting a lot of time to do basic functionality in Excel, just click on the image and download


If you have not already downloaded the ebook and are curious to know the content, check it out here.

See the main groups of shortcuts that you will find in the Ebook:

  1. Navigation shortcuts
  2. Spreadsheet, chart, and macro shortcuts
  3. Data Entry Shortcuts
  4. Data formatting shortcuts
  5. PivotTable Shortcuts
  6. Shortcut options in English
  7. Shortcuts options for Excel for Mac

See a preview:

Ebook: Cutting Paths in Excel with 1 Shortcuts

In the ebook you will find these 2 shortcuts and more 78, totaling 80 shortcuts that will make your life much easier when using Excel.

Download the Ebook right now:


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Excel Spreadsheets


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