Ebook: Advanced Data Usage in Excel with PivotTables

Excel Spreadsheets

One of the great advantages of using Excel is the ability to manipulate data in a simple way with the use of formulas, functions, tables and graphs. If you have intermediate knowledge, you'll already be able to generate automatic reports and extract intelligence from your spreadsheet. Now, if you want to use data in an advanced way, you need to know the world of tables and dynamic charts.

In this free ebook with over 50 pages on tables and dynamic charts let's address practical examples and step by step for you to start using this tool today. Believe me, it's much simpler than you think! See our ebook and take the test:

700x200_dynamic tables

See the ebook structure we have prepared for you:

  1. Introduction to Dynamic Tables
  2. Usage Restrictions
  3. PivotTable Items
  4. 1 Practical Example
  5. Step by Step Construction and Use
  6. Dynamic Graphics
  7. 2 Practical Example
  8. Advanced Topics

With these topics you will learn how to use and will also know exactly all the details so you never get lost while making a PivotTable. To leave you with a taste of want more, follow some pages of the ebook:

1 - We show you exactly what fields and areas to use, we give some practical cases to illustrate how to drag, which order to do and have the best possible result.

Ebook: Advanced Data Usage in Excel with 1 PivotTables

2 - In addition, we also show you how to use dynamic charts in the process

Ebook: Advanced Data Usage in Excel with 2 PivotTables

Download the ebook right now:

700x200_dynamic tables

Excel Spreadsheets


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