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Excel Spreadsheets

Excel is a valuable tool in the corporate world. After all, the Office Package program is a great facilitator for anyone working with the generation of data and spreadsheets. But the truth is that a lot of people see software as a big challenge. 

However, whether to create formulas of greater complexity or to maintain a cash flow table, Excel can transform your business routine - in addition to being a differentiator for your resume and career. 

Of course, we cannot fail to consider the fact that Excel is an extensive and complex tool and, therefore, even the most frequent users are unable to take advantage of all the features offered. 

In contrast, the first functions of the software require a simple level of knowledge, which you can learn by following the tips in this post. Keep reading to learn more about Excel and, consequently, make your business routine easier. 

Basic Excel: concepts 

Excel consists of 2 dimensions, in which cells are presented in a column and row format. The columns are identified with the letters of the alphabet, starting with the letter A, from left to right. The lines, in turn, are represented by numbers, drawn from the number 1, from top to bottom. 

The cells in the first row are seen as A1, B1, C1 and so on. However, the cells in the first column are A1, A2, A3. These representations are called cell references or addresses.

In fact, cells are places to store the information and data you want, such as numbers, dates, values ​​and texts (regardless of whether the subject is uniform nr10, for example). After creating a cell, you can find it through the name box, located just above column A.

In addition, to the right of that box, we can find the formula bar, which allows you to find the possible formulas inserted in the selected cell. You can also use this option to edit the information in a cell. 

Talking about formatting, at the top of the spreadsheet are Excel commands. The first line is known as the "taskbar". By clicking on it, you open other options for activities, such as cell editing, formatting, alignment, colors, among others. 

Format cell values 

A valuable feature of Excel is that it allows you to choose the type of each cell, column or row. In this sense, you have a range of options that vary between date, currency, time, text, percentage, fraction, among other variables. 

To perform this action, it is necessary to select the cell that you want to change, right-click and choose the option "format cells".

After that, you will find several ways to represent the value you choose, even if it is the number of Centrifugal pump of your stock. It is worth mentioning that when you click on the “home” tab, you will see an icon with a brush image. 

It is known as a “formatting brush” and its use is very useful for copying the formatting of a given cell, eliminating the need to perform the process one by one. 

Basic math functions

Mathematical functions are used mainly to control expenses. That is, with the right tool, it is possible to analyze the inflow of money in your monthly budget or that of a family member. 

To obtain relevant data, you can organize in column A the expenses, such as electricity, water, rent, laser cutting, internet, among others. Thus, in column B the values ​​of each fixed cost. At the end, you can create a cell that shows the total amount of spending. 

In order for the software to calculate the total cost, insert the sign “= ”In the space where you want the total amount to appear. Type "SUM", right after the "=" symbol, and open parentheses. 

After that, with the mouse itself, select the cell set to be included in the sum and close the parentheses. Ready! You will get the full amount of your fixed and additional costs. 

With the continuous handling of Excel, you can develop the ability to work with more complex formulas, inserting countless mathematical applications and cells, increasing the level of functionality of your spreadsheet. 

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Excel Spreadsheets



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