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We created this post to compile all the Excel articles we have already created in the Blog. We separated by important topics of Excel and we put links to our free ebooks on the subject. Enjoy!

Excel Online Course

Introductory Content

10 Ways to Leave Your Most Beautiful Worksheet


Shortcuts in excel

Use of Data




Important Functions


Dynamic Tables and Charts

700x200_dynamic tables

Macros and VBA

VBA Course in Excel


Did you miss any posts? Give your idea down here what we do for you!

Excel Online Course

Excel Spreadsheets


  1. Hi Rafael.

    I would like posts related to Dashboard, I think it would be super interesting.
    Congratulations on your work.


  2. Excuse me, I need some help, and I do not know if this is where I ask, but if you can help me or indicate who can.
    I have a Spreadsheet that I type in some readings, dates, and other data that are typed into an Aba.
    In other tabs, the graphs refer to the readings and dates (one set on each tab).
    I'm making a way for these graphs to be generated by periods that I choose instead of all the data entered (via Macro). I was able to find it on the internet and I could do bad the graphic only works on the same tab of the readings. I was not able to make this work on separate tabs (same macro for all chart tabs).

    I await feedback and help.

    Thank you for now.


  3. Hi Juliana, how are you?

    When you talk button are you referring to shortcuts? If so, great luck out, we have a free ebook with 80 most commonly used Excel shortcuts. You are in this link:

    If you want something different, just tell me what we do, hugs.

  4. Hi Lorrayne, unfortunately it is not possible to put this icon for printing ... but if you want, just select everything, paste in a word document for example and print there ... I hope I have helped and any post suggestions you want to see and we still don't have is just leave it here

  5. The legal organization of the materials in one place, it would be even better if it had the print version icon. Is it possible to create this icon so that we can print?


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