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If you have used or use Excel, you know that it has a multitude of features. There are so many functions and possibilities that you're probably wasting more time than you'd like to make a well-made spreadsheet. If that's the case, a good way to save your time in Excel is through keyboard shortcuts.

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They represent a great “hand on the wheel” for you who use Excel on a daily or daily basis, because shortcuts will facilitate and expedite the “boring” search and selection. Just so you have an idea, let's take a look at an empty Excel screen:

Keyboard shortcut to start the worksheet CTRL + Home

Only on this screen can we visualize:

  • 3 tabs
  • 7 Tabs in the Home Menu
  • 7 Groups with Various Functions in Each Guide
  • File menu with more 10 function groups
  • 1 Quick Access Toolbar

Summing it Up: It's a lot for you to decorate where you are and look every time you have to perform one of these functions. It may seem that not, but you spend time moving the mouse to and fro. 

So using your keyboard's shortcut keys can help you spend a lot less time in your day to day with Excel. Personally I use the keyboard as much as I can and I have my 10 favorite keyboard shortcuts. Here's how you can use it too:

1 - Fast movement with the keyboard:

- CTRL + Direction Arrows: When using this command, you moves your strokes to the last filled cell in the table. If there are empty cells in the middle, it will go to the last filled cell that is before the empty one. If there are no more filled cells, it goes to the last row or column depending on the command.

- CTRL + Home: Moves your cursor to the first cell of the A1 worksheet. If you use only the home command, it moves your cursor to column A, but at the time of the line you were already selected. See below the example of the shortcut that goes to the beginning of the worksheet.

Keyboard shortcut to start the worksheet CTRL + Home

- CTRL + End: Moves your cursor to the last filled cell in your worksheet. If you do not use Control, only End will enable or disable “End Mode”. This function is similar to the CTRL + Directional command, moving the cursor to the last filled cell.

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2 - Change Tab:

- CTRL + Page Down: If you need to change from one tab to another in the same spreadsheet, there is no quick way to do this with the mouse. You need to go down there and pick the flap. With this command this task becomes incredibly easy and automatically you go to the next tab.

Keyboard Shortcut in Excel - Moving Between 1 Tabs

- CTRL + Page Up: This is a command similar to the previous one, but instead of going to the right tab, you "back" to the left tab as shown below in the comparison. However, by executing it you change to the previous worksheet.

Keyboard Shortcut in Excel - Moving Between 2 Tabs

3 - Change spreadsheet:

- CTRL + TAB or CTRL + F6: It is likely that in some cases you have more than one worksheet open and this is the best way to move from one worksheet to another quickly.

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4 - Copy, Cut and Paste:

- CTRL + C (Copy): These should be one of the top commands that any Excel user will ever move. At all times you may want to replicate formatting, values, texts, etc. To do this, simply select the cells you want to replicate and use this function.

Shortcut to Copy in Excel

- CTRL + V (Paste): After copying, just use the paste function and you will have all the selected content duplicate. Below is a simple image of what should happen when using this field.

Shortcut to Paste in Excel

- CTRL + X (Cut): Another way to take content from somewhere on your spreadsheet in another space is to use the cut function. In this case, all content will be "transported" from one location to another. So if you do not want to get information from the original location, do not use this function.

Cutting Shortcut in Excel

5 - Undo or redo:

- CTRL + Z (Undo) and CTRL + Y (Redo): Anyone who has never made a mistake in Excel probably hasn't even bothered to open our beloved program. The truth is simple, if you mess with Excel, you make mistakes, whether unintentionally or something that is beyond your knowledge and you only discover later when the result was not entirely correct. In such cases you can use the undo and redo shortcut to reduce the damage of errors.

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6 - Save and Save As:

- CTRL + B and F12: Another thing, if you messed long enough in Excel, you know that time and again it may present minor flaws and close. Nothing more annoying than losing all your work because you forgot to save. The first command (CTRL + B) is for you to save directly where the worksheet is already saved. If you want to use another folder or even create a new version of your spreadsheet, use Save As (F12)

Shortcut to Save As in Excel

7 - Formatting Cells:

- CTRL +!: To embellish your worksheet use this shortcut and change formatting to have your spreadsheet with a more user-friendly and explanatory layout. Here you can make simple changes like type of number and source until protection of cells and changes in borders.

Keyboard Shortcut for Formatting in Excel

8 - Printing:

- CTRL + P: Use this shortcut to grab those charts and tables you've developed, print and show for colleagues, clients, or superiors. Simply open the print window, where you can view your printout, choose which printer to use, and exactly what it will print.

keyboard shortcut - print preview - feature print

9 - Selection Shortcuts:

- CTRL + SPACE: Use this shortcut if you want to select the entire column where the cursor is. In our case, we had the cursor in the F7 cell and after using the shortcut, the entire F column was selected.

Column Selection Shortcut in Excel SHIFT + SPACE: Much like the shortcut above, but instead of selecting the column, it will select the corresponding row.

Line Selection Shortcut in Excel

10 - Help:

- F1: Last but not least, with the help function you can learn almost anything in excel and get away from difficulties quickly and easily. Type in the text field the name of the function you want to analyze that will have several links to read all the details that you do not know.

Help Shortcut in Excel F1

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If you have any questions about using it, leave your comment that will help you get the most out of Excel.

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  1. Hi Cláudio, I use Excel Online a little, so I'm not sure what's going on

  2. Good Afternoon: I need to know if there is any way to unprotect a worksheet in Excel OnLine. The worksheet is password protected, but if you need to make any changes I can not check it out in Excel OnLine. thankful

  3. Pro ALT + TAB back to work don't you know? ctrl f6 and ctrl tab are horrible shortcuts…. I'm having the same problem ALT TAB TAB to move from one excel to another

  4. In my case, I use windows 10 and office 2010, alt tab does not work there I have to give alt tab tab (2 excel workbooks open).
    So for me the 3 item helped, thanks!

    I'm looking for a solution for the alt tab to work again!
    Until then I will give the control tab or control F6!


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