Converting PDF to Excel Online for Free Explained

Converting PDF to Excel Online for Free Explained
Excel Spreadsheets

Did you know that PDF files make for around 70% of all email attachments worldwide?

Excel Spreadsheets

Those files often contain data that could be further analyzed to help you make better business decisions. And there’s no better tool for the job than Microsoft Excel.

The problem arises when you need to extract important information from PDF to Excel quickly and accurately - without manual retyping or tedious cleaning up of the results.

Making the most of the resources you have is essential for getting any business off the ground. Free office tools that get the job done right can bring a lot of value in terms of increased productivity and cutting down on costs.

Since PDFs and spreadsheets are widely used by professionals in almost every industry, it’s easy to understand how a free PDF to Excel online converter can have a big impact on speeding up day-to-day business tasks.

Why Should You Convert PDF to Excel

Whether you need to do a financial analysis, bookkeeping, generate reports, keep databases up to date, or calculate taxes, you can benefit from having a tool like this in your productivity arsenal.

For example, a Retail Store Manager gets information through paper documents and PDFs that are essential for running the daily operations of a store successfully. In order to properly analyze trends, prepare budgets and schedule expenditures, a Retail Store Manager often needs to convert all of the data to spreadsheet software like Excel. The same applies to Business Analysts, Accountants, and Data Journalists - just to name a few.

Since Excel is a well-developed and supported spreadsheet program, you can use a number of templates for Excel to stay on top of goals and projects and further enhance your productivity.

Additionally, you can utilize Pivot Tables for recognizing patterns and drawing educated conclusions from spreadsheet data through simple drag and drop workflow - without using complicated formulas.

How to Convert PDF to Excel for Free (No Email Required)

Here’s an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to convert PDF to Excel online free of charge and without having to give away any personal information:

Step 1 - Drag and drop you PDF file on the designated rectangle or just click it to browse and upload a file stored on your computer.

Converting PDF to Excel Online for Free Explained

Step 2 - The conversion will start automatically. Once it’s finished, click on the Download File button to get your converted Excel file.

Next to the Download File button, you’ll find the Convert another file button. Keep converting your files one by one - there’s no limit on how many files you can convert with this free online PDF to Excel service.

Converting PDF to Excel Online for Free Explained

Top 4 Benefits of Converting PDF to Excel Online

Now, let’s break down the benefits of converting PDF to Excel with Free Online PDF to Excel Converter:

  • It's completely anonymous - no email or other personal information is required to get the job done
  • It's fast - the service converted 1MB PDF file with two tables in seconds
  • It's accurate - the developer of the tool is best known for the advanced PDF to Excel
  • No limits - you can convert as many files as you need.

It should be mentioned that this online PDF to Excel tool isn't the only one available for free.

You can also make use of native and scanned PDF to Word, PDF to PowerPoint and PDF to AutoCAD free online converters, as well as a free PDF creator tool that can turn over 300 printable file formats into PDF.

Excel Spreadsheets


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