How to create automatic calculations in Excel

How to create automatic calculations in Excel
Excel Spreadsheets

If you are entering the Excel in your company, or use it often, but usually fill it manually, we have two magic words that help a lot: automatic calculations.

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No matter how common it is to receive, modify, print and send spreadsheets, many are still unaware of how much time they can save by pre-preparing a spreadsheet to perform calculations automatically whenever values ​​are entered.

Excel Spreadsheets

There is nothing difficult about it; Excel has a large number of functions available that can be used without the slightest knowledge of the syntax of its formulas.

Using Automatic Calculations

There are many ways to automatically Excel. The main ones are:

  • From the Formula menu;
  • In the context menu that is available when using the right mouse button;
  • Choosing the formula to use, as needed.

Enabling Automatic Calculations

Before we can see ways to perform automatic calculations, we need to ensure that the option that allows automatic updating of values ​​is enabled.

In the main menu, Formulas tab, under "Calculation Options". By default, "Automatic" must be enabled. If not, please change.

How to create automatic calculations in Excel

Calculating through the Formula Menu

The Formula menu is very complete, with several options, from the basic operations to the most complex ones that can be used in Excel.

How to create automatic calculations in Excel

In the first item, there is the link to insert functions searching for what is needed among all the options present in the system.

How to create automatic calculations in Excel

In the second item, there are the most commonly used functions for mathematical calculations: Sum, Mean, Count Numbers, Maximum and Minimum.

How to create automatic calculations in Excel

They respectively do the following calculations on the selected range:

  • Result of sum of values;
  • Arithmetic mean between values;
  • Count how many cells have numbers;
  • They show the highest value within the range;
  • They show the smallest value within the range.

To use them, select the interval beforehand, and then choose the desired formula.

How to create automatic calculations in Excel

The result will be shown automatically in the formula following the interval.

How to create automatic calculations in Excel

Calculating using the Context Menu

The context menu appears when you right-click on one or more cells. Among the various options we have in it is "Quick Review".

How to create automatic calculations in Excel

"Quick Scan" gives you access to the most commonly used Excel options: Conditional Formatting, Graphs, Totals, Tables, and Sparklines.

How to create automatic calculations in Excel

At this point, we will deal with the options in the tab "Totals", because there are the most frequently used formulas.

The operation is similar to the Formula menu: When you choose the option that fits the need of the moment, Excel automatically calculates the result and displays it in a cell after the selected interval.

How to create automatic calculations in Excel

Choosing the formula directly

Finally, one can choose the specific formula for the case and, through this method, the cells to which the calculation will be applied need not be previously selected.

The desired formula can be inserted directly into the cell, provided its syntax is known.

How to create automatic calculations in Excel

If there is not enough security to enter the entire formula, you can click on the "fx" icon:

How to create automatic calculations in Excel

You will choose the function to be inserted and clicking on "OK", a dialog box will open to fill the contents of the formula, designating which information is required in each field.

How to create automatic calculations in Excel

The Benefits of Using Automatic Calculations

Imagine having to redo an entire worksheet whenever you need to calculate your company's DRE? Or when you make a sales chart or commission calculation, having to start it from scratch by manually filling in all the values ​​and results? Very laborious and an immense waste of time.

The best way to work with Excel is to develop or acquire ready-made templates, in which you only change the input values ​​and allow the system to give the results up-to-date.

Still, as long as your formulas and input data are correct, you are guaranteed that the results are valid, after all minimized the possibilities of fill-in and calculation errors.

As you can see, creating spreadsheets that perform automatic calculations in Excel is essential to using the potential of this tool and making your company's data control more professional and organized.

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If you want to learn more about various features of this tool, know our Excel online courses platform. If you want to manage your business better, adopt our spreadsheet and follow the road to success.

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  1. How to calculate Additional Night in Excel?

    From 22: 00 starts counting and I want to do this by adding up all the hours worked.

    Someone help me?

  2. It has yes, you can have a table with the name and the code and in that part of the worksheet use a PROCV that automatically takes the code from the entered name

  3. Rafael, good afternoon.
    I need your help: - work with aih manual billing in a public hsp that is not computerized, I have created a spreadsheet in my personal computer to type the aihs after billed, the closing and the sending to the semus of my municipality. These typed aihs give me factions to know repeated patient names, higher rates of certain diagnoses and cid, age groups and quantitative. I would like a formula that would help me save time typing, type: if the patient had high healed whose code is 11, high improved 12, high requested 14 at last, when typing the name of high type, in the next column automatically appears. corresponding to the type of discharge. Can you do this using excel?

  4. Hi John, in the other worksheet you can put the larger calculation range or adjust the way the line is inserted, because if this insertion is made within the formula range, it will change automatically

  5. Good afternoon! I am trying to set up a cash flow sheet with macros that post the values ​​to another worksheet but the problem is that when I post these values ​​the calculation formula in the second worksheet is modified and a line goes down and the value posted is left out of the calculation. I would appreciate it if you could help me with this problem if possible. Thankful!

  6. Hi Rodrigo, I think the DIA, MONTH and DIA.DA.SEMANA formulas can help you with the conditions. Already the sums or counts will need to use SOMASES or CONT.SES probably

  7. Congratulations on the content. It has helped me many with the tips.
    I need to create a spreadsheet that automatically splits:
    - Demand of the Month / Day / Week
    - Based on the working days of the month

    what would be the code to use?

  8. Hi Leticia, you can use the TODAY function to update the formula according to the current date. For example, using CONCATENAR and TODAY and assuming the deadline is in A1

    = "Missing" & TODAY () - A1 & "days to finish deadline"

  9. Hi Rafael, congratulations for the content!

    I would like to know how do I create a worksheet that updates automatically according to the days, basically I want to give a deadline for a demand and from that it comes signaling how many days I have to finish this demand.


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