How to Enable or Install Power Query in Excel

How to Install or Enable Power Query in Excel
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Power Query is an Excel supplement that allows for better data manipulation. With it you can connect to different sources, transform the data and combine them, that is, you can join and link information from various reports, which takes data analysis in Excel to a new level.

How to Install or Enable Power Query in Excel
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In general, Power Query has been installed in Excel since version 2013, but in some cases it may be disabled or not present.

How to Enable Power Query in Excel

Before installing Power Query, let's check if it is already installed, but only disabled.

  1. In Excel, access the menu FileOptions.
  2. Visit SupplementsTo manage and choose the option COM Add-ins
  3. Check the option Microsoft Power Query for Excel and click OK.

If the option is not available, you must install Power Query by following the steps below.

How to Install Power Query in Excel

  1. Please free download Power Query at this link:
  2. Start the installation file and follow the steps on the screen.
  3. If you still don't identify Power Query, follow the previous steps to enable it.

Where Power Query can be used

Power Query has countless applications. I particularly use it to consolidate action plans in different areas of my company, which allows me to decentralize the plans, but generate unified reports. I also use it in my PPE worksheet, which is sold here at Loja da Luz.

Soon I will post more details on applications of this powerful tool. Until then!

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