How to know how much your real estate funds are earning

How to know how much your real estate funds are earning
Excel Spreadsheets

You decided to venture into the world of financial investments and, after several researches, conversations and orientations, he concluded that he should diversify his investments in order to increase his income. Right?

In this case, you also found that one of the best options in the financial market is real estate funds, known by the acronym FIIs. But, now that you've started investing, how do you know how much your funds are earning? Which ones should you keep and which ones can cause injury?

The good news is that this information is just a click away when you use a spreadsheet for controlling shares and real estate funds. It is a very simple and intuitive tool that will solve all your doubts. See how!

What are real estate funds

First, if you have come here looking for more information about the FIIs, before anything else, then we will understand, in a nutshell, what this type of investment involves.

Real estate investment funds are all funds formed by investments made in the real estate sector. The equity is divided into equal shares, that is, when investing in the FIIs, you are acquiring “pieces” of properties.

Real estate funds are divided into “Brick Funds”, which include physical properties, such as commercial buildings, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, educational institutions, etc .; and “Paper Funds”, which refer to the sector's bills of credit, such as LCI, LCA, CRI and CRA.

Why invest in real estate funds

  • Because real estate funds portfolio reaches 5 times more than fixed income.
  • Because FIIs have a manager who monitors assets and the market daily, working to promote the highest possible profitability.
  • Because real estate funds mostly have the potential to generate income through leasing.
  • Because the numbers indicate that there is a recovery and consequent growth in the real estate sector since 2019, after the crisis of previous years.
  • Because buying and selling FIIs means investing in real estate without having to buy and / or sell real estate. And the profitability of the fund is usually higher than that of the property itself.
  • Real estate funds require low initial investment.

How to control your investments in real estate funds

How to know how much your real estate funds are earning

Now that you have an idea of ​​what these real estate investment funds are and what are the advantages of choosing to put your money in this sector, we return to the fact of how important it is to have a control tool that allows you to know how your investments are doing.

Although real estate funds have a specialized manager to carry out financial capital allocations, it is extremely important that you have all the information regarding your investments, in order to know how much each one is earning, whether you should keep all assets or whether there is some giving damage.

This is the best way for you to decide which real estate funds you should keep and which ones are ready to be sold, to generate liquidity. And a simple, practical and objective Excel spreadsheet is the best way to do this. Check out all the advantages of this tool:

  • Full dashboard: The spreadsheet presents in a SINGLE dashboard a summary of your entire investment portfolio, comparing Asset versus Return, equity evolution graph - quarterly or half-yearly, which dividends were received with each investment.
    And this tool includes control for real estate funds, as well as for stocks. So, if you are a diversified investor, you can use it to control both investment models, being able to check which one is offering higher returns.
    Then, in this same dashboard, you will know exactly which dividends received from each of the companies, which shares appreciated the most and which ones fell, establishing the accumulated sales profit for each company. At the end, you will have the overall balance of your net equity evolution.
  • Real-time quote: This tool searches in real time the price of each stock, real estate fund or BDR that you include in your portfolio.
  • Graphics: It also presents graphs that show the division of its stock portfolio and the allocation of its equity.
  • Projection of new contributions: the spreadsheet allows you to define what percentage of dividends you intend to reuse in new contributions. In this way, all graphs and real estate evolution are automatically reconfigured, for your control and visualization.


By choosing to feed an objective and intuitive spreadsheet with the basic information of your investments, you will ultimately be protecting your assets.

Investing, whether in real estate funds, the stock market or any other investment model, should not be a lottery. Successful investors are not those who rely solely on luck. Much less those who delegate the entire management of their invested capital to third parties.

In order for you to have a greater guarantee that your investments are paying off, it is essential that you have control.

There is nothing better than doing it using a tool as easy and complete as an Excel spreadsheet - which still has support via Skype or WhatsApp in real time!

Take your Control Sheet for Shares and Real Estate Funds and start seeing your money put to good use today!

Excel Spreadsheets


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