How to Print a Report in Excel

Excel Spreadsheets

The setting for printing documents in the Excel it's very important. Through it you can ensure that the outputs go exactly with the expected result without parts of the document getting lost or out of the way. One of the ways to start the configuration is through the page settings. The tools for page setup can be found in the "Page Layout" tab.

Print Report in Excel - Part 1

How to configure the printing of your documents: A step-by-step guide

  • Margins

In the Page Layout you can set the margins. In the figure below you can see an example with the various available margin sizing:

Print Report in Excel - Part 2

  • Page Orientation

The page orientation can also be changed in this tab so that the data is better arranged. In general, spreadsheets with the highest number of columns in relation to rows should be set to "landscape".

Print Report in Excel - Part 3

  • Size

The paper size must also be set before printing according to the amount of data and the capacity of the available printers. Generally when a worksheet is sent to clients the default formatting obeys the A4 format.

Print Report in Excel - Part 4

  • Print Area

In the Print Area it is possible to delimit a certain group of cells from a worksheet that must be printed. There are two options for this tool: Define the print area or clear the printable area.

Print Report in Excel - Part 5

Note that by selecting the data to be printed and clicking Set Print Area the data range is automatically named as the print area.

Print Report in Excel - Part 6

To add data to the print selection, simply clear the print area and proceed with new data definition for the print area.

  • Breaks

There is also the breaking so that information is moved to later pages. To use this tool simply select the data that should go to the next page and click on Insert Page Break.

Print Report in Excel - Part 7

  • Background

A background can also be inserted into the worksheet. According to the tool highlighted below:

Print Report in Excel - Part 8

  • Print Titles

Print Report in Excel - Part 9

The Print Titles is used so that in extended worksheets the title or set of upper lines is repeated on all printed pages. When clicking the tool the dialog box below opens:

Print Report in Excel - Part 10

In order for certain data to be repeated on all pages, simply select the data in the field Lines to be repeated at the top:

Print Report in Excel - Part 11

  • Other Page Setup Tools

Still in the same dialog box on the tab Page there is a summary of orientation settings, page size, paper size, and print quality.

Print Report in Excel - Part 12

In the Margins tab, a more visual configuration of this print variable is also possible.

Print Report in Excel - Part 13

You can also configure the header and footer, as shown below:

Print Report in Excel - Part 14

With these options, the spreadsheets will certainly have the right configuration for each job. It is very important to set up printing at the end of each worksheet's work in the workbook to avoid misprints.

Do you have any questions regarding printing documents in excel? Tell us in the comments below!

Excel Spreadsheets
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