How to Convert Values ​​into Excel from Real to Dollar, Euro or Kwanza

Excel Spreadsheets

If you are already used to Excel, you know that you can format values ​​like any type of currency, from the real (which is the standard for us in Brazil) to dollars, euros and kwanzas (current currency in Angola). If you encounter a currency format that you don't like, the process for changing that item is very simple. Let's see exactly what to do:

Modify the formatting of any currency

1. The first step is to select the cells you want to modify.

2. In the image below, we would select all monetary values ​​that are in columns D through O, in the 4 to 9 rows. See below:

Table with values ​​in real

3. After that, go to the Home menu in the Number group.


4. Select the arrow in the lower right corner (marked in red in the image above) to open the formatting window of the selected cells, as shown below:


5. Here you can choose the currency option and, in the "symbol" field, select the currency option you want.

6. Excel, depending on which country you are in, will already have preformatted options, but overall, all major world currencies are there for you to use if you wish.

1. Turning from Real to Kwanzas

Follow the step-by-step above by selecting the cells you want to modify the value. Note in the image that the values ​​are in reais. After that, go to the number formatting option, choose currency and in the symbol AOA (Symbol of Kwanza).


This is the preview of the worksheet that should appear for you now.


In a simple, quick and easy way you have modified the values ​​that were once real for kwanzas. Just do this same process for any other kind of value. Let's see more 2 examples.

2. Changing from Real to Dollars or Euros

The process to convert from real to dollars or euros is even easier, in the initial menu, you just have to choose the list that appears in the currency symbol next to the% symbol. The dollar and euro options will appear to you, as they are more widely used worldwide.


If you prefer to enter the format field, simply click again on the arrow in the lower right corner and follow the step by step, which is always the same, only changes when you need to choose the symbol that will represent the currency in the value inserted in the worksheet.

In the case of dollar, if you look up the value starting with D, you will not find it because the $ symbol comes in front.


In the case of euro, the process is the same, but now with the symbol representing the euro.


Okay, if you follow these steps you will have the currency formatting the way you want it. If you have any questions, just comment below.

Excel Spreadsheets


  1. Hi Rafael,

    Ref .: Strategic Planning Worksheet (provided by Luz)

    I need to change the fields planned and performed in spreadsheets Est1 to Est6 from R $ to%. I'm not getting.
    Can you please help me?

  2. Hi José, on our site you can download the demo versions and buy the complete versions (

  3. Hi Laércio, recognizing formatting is not simple in Excel. I imagine two paths here:
    1 - you can use the left function to identify the characters USD, R $, etc. and then create an IF function to put the respective values
    2 - you can create a column to tell if it is euro, dollar, etc. and then create the IF function based on that column

  4. Good afternoon!

    How do I convert several currencies and make the sum directly. Here is an example of what I want below:

    Commodity value USD: 1000,00 (I want it to recognize the currency symbol and do the automatic conversion I just place the quotation for the day)
    Euro insurance value: 10,00
    Shipping Weight Pounds: 300,00
    total in reais

  5. Hi Mark, if you are referring to our 4.0 cash flow spreadsheet, it was made to support a year of work. That is, to use in other years is necessary to create a new version of the worksheet (duplicating the file) and using for the following year

  6. Good afternoon, I have a question: Since the number of lines in the months is limited, I have to use one worksheet per year or if you can use this worksheet for several years adding lines to the months


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