How to Use Excel on Mobile?

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Need to use Excel on your phone but don't know how? See our tips and learn how to use this tool quickly and easily.

Due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the cell phone ended up becoming one of the most used electronics by users, even more than the computer itself.

Thinking about it, Microsoft sought to innovate once again, bringing some configurations of the Office Pack to the palm of your hand.

Meet with us, a little more of the features of Excel through the cellphone.

Excel features on mobile

excel on mobile

Find out below seven features unknown by many and available for both Android and iPhone (iOS).

1. Ready-to-use example

The first feature and that can greatly optimize your time, are examples that are ready to use.

This function is great for those people who don't want to waste time creating tables from scratch.

The application offers a few different examples, ready for users, which can be edited and standardized according to each person's personal taste.

How to do it?

To choose a ready example in Excel, just create a new document and choose one of the ready-to-use spreadsheets suggested just below the blank template.

Ready! Now just enter the information you want and create your customized spreadsheet. Simple isn't it ?!

2. Export PDF file

For those users who do not yet have the Excel application installed on their mobile phone, know that it is possible to share a spreadsheet or table via PDF. This functionality greatly facilitates the user's life. However, it is only possible to edit it if you have the Excel application.

How to do it?

You must be connected to the internet to perform this action. Just open the spreadsheet you want and then click on “Share”; soon after “Share as an attachment”; and finally, choose the “PDF” option.

Easy right? Then just choose how to send the spreadsheet. Through email, WhatsApp or other means.

3. Special Excel symbols keyboard

The third feature is for people who tend to perform many mathematical operations through the application.

Excel provides users with a special keyboard containing numbers and symbols to facilitate operations.

How to do it?

This procedure is quite simple. Just change the keyboard icon to numbers 123, at the bottom of the screen.

To return to the keyboard, just tap the same icon again and you're done.

4. Shift columns

Do you want to move columns in your spreadsheet with just one touch? For Smartphone users, this is possible and very easy to do.

How to do it?

Just press the top of the column you want to move; hold down until it is selected; now, just drag to the desired position.

It is possible to do this same action for the lines, just by holding down the end of the line.

Cool huh?!

5. Smart Excel search

Did that doubt about a term strike? In order not to run the risk of entering the wrong information, Excel created the smart search. Through it it is possible to search for texts or words on the internet without leaving the application, optimizing the time.

How to do it?

To perform this process, press and hold the cell you want to search; after being selected, click on the magnifying glass icon (smart search); do your research.

6. Deployment of elements

Just like on the computer, the Smartphones or mobile devices also have the option to deploy elements. They can be graphics, images, photos from the cell phone itself, links, shapes and other elements.

How to do it?

To add elements to your spreadsheet, just touch the edit button at the top of the screen; then, select "Home" and then "Insert". Okay, now just choose the desired element.

How to Use Excel on Mobile? 1

7. Online file transformation

Our last feature is the online file transformation. It is nothing more than a feature used by the application, to ensure that different functions of the program will always work correctly.

The online converter performs this task, ensuring safety and practicality for the user. To perform this procedure is very simple, check below.

How to do it?

Just tap on “Accounts”; then, access the "Settings" and click on the "Use Microsoft Online Service" option.

However, it is important to note that the cell phone must be connected to the internet, otherwise the procedure will not work.

What did you think of our Excel functionality tips for mobile phones? Pretty cool isn't it ?! Help us spread the word and share it with everyone you know.

Excel Spreadsheets


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