Meet the 10 best add-ins for Excel

Excel Spreadsheets

Add-ins are features that provide new commands for Microsoft Excel, allowing you to further enhance your tables and spreadsheets. This allows a high degree of customization for Excel. These supplements are available for download at the following address:

After you download the desired add-in, you must run it for the installation to take place.

Benefits of Using Supplements

Choosing to use supplements will help you a lot in your daily tasks. They offer, in addition to a number of new features, automation of very simple tasks. And you can even create your own supplements.

A good example of a supplement is Solver, a powerful tool that allows you to perform analyzes from the data entered.

Meet the 10 best add-ins for Excel

Another widely used application is powerpivot is a tool designed to perform advanced Excel data analysis, enabling the use of BI and advanced self-service. How about knowing 10 more great Excel add-ins?

1. Lucidchart

Great tool for creating diagrams in your MS Office Excel. Know more about her here.


2. Business Verification

Lets you check your database for exact match to the name of your customers, organize them, and even delete replicates.

Meet the 10 best add-ins for Excel

Know more about her here.

3. PayPal Invoicing

This app allows invoices to be created and sent to your customers quickly, by email. On this invoice there is the Pay button, which allows your customers to pay you online. In addition to creating invoices, this add-in allows you to manage invoices according to your needs. Check out some more features of the supplement:

  • Customize with your logo and business information
  • Add line item, shipping, tax, and discount details
  • Copy existing invoices to quickly create new ones

Meet the 10 best add-ins for Excel

Know more about him here.

4. Business Solutions - Trial

Business Solutions allows you to fully integrate your data with millions of companies around the world. It solves information management challenges by relating and analyzing data from different sources. This feature will surely increase much accessibility and business intelligence.

Meet the 10 best add-ins for Excel

Know more about him here.

5. Maps for Office

This feature integrates your office with google maps, allowing the insertion of these maps in your daily work.

maps for office

Learn more about this supplement here.

6. People Graph

Allows you to insert graphs that are totally focused on analyzing people's data. This add-on has great features to increase this type of chart.

people graph

Know more about this supplement.

7. Gantt Chart for Excel

This add-in makes it possible to create Gantt charts in seconds! Gantt charts are essential for managing any long project and you can use them through Excel without having to use Project.

Meet the 10 best add-ins for Excel

Know more details here.

8. Search The Web

It allows the web search to be performed, as well as the results displayed directly in your Office.

search within spreadsheet

9. Create Users and Access Levels in Excel

Modesty aside, we've created a very useful add-in using VBA so you can create users for your spreadsheet who have restricted access to the tabs you choose!

How to restrict access to a worksheet's tabs

More information on this supplement here.

10. Mind-O-Mapper

This tool is great for both innovative and creative. It enables and facilitates the creation of mind maps in your Office. It is very easy to use and will even help you have cool ideas.

Meet the 10 best add-ins for Excel


These are some Excel add-ons that will make your daily work easier and more productive. Do you have any doubt? Write a comment that we will reply you!

Excel Spreadsheets


  1. Hi Darci, the dates in Excel are numbers, ranging from 1, which represents 01 / 01 / 1900 to even more than 42.000 (which represents the present day). In general it is possible to see the difference of days between dates by simply subtracting one from the other in a simple way.

  2. Hello
    Good Night!
    I'm working on a spreadsheet, using Excel version 2010 and I'm in need of a formula that shows me the difference of days between days dates.
    I looked for some information about it and there is a tool called data.dif, I wanted to know if there is any extension with this formula.
    I thank you.

  3. Hi André, this is a simple reference error. It probably occurs because you have created some link directly with the base worksheet, and when it opens on another computer, the reference goes straight to the base file.

  4. Hello Rafael!
    One small question: I made an add-in on a spreadsheet, used it and saved it. However, when I opened the worksheet on another computer (where I installed the add-in) on another computer, the address of the other computer was kept:
    in the new worksheet, in a cell that contained an add-in function appears:
    = 'C: \ ... .. \ add-in \ alpha.xla! Wat (A2; A3)

    when should only appear
    = wat (A2; A3)

    Have you ever seen this mistake or do you know why it appears?

    Thank you

  5. Very good. Thanks, but until I reach this user level, I'll still have to work a little bit.


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